5 Things to Keep in Mind when Planning Holidays in India

Owing to its vastness, geographical diversity and rich heritage, India has always been a preferred holiday destination. Travellers from across the globe come here in search of spirituality, knowledge and an insight into one of the most ancient civilisations of the world. Be it conquering the formidable Himalayan peaks, partying in Goa, gaining spiritual knowledge in Varanasi or turning a page in the history of Mughals, tourists are offered all of it. Holidays in India is an experience to be cherished for a long time, even after you have been on countless other holidays. Since, the country is so unique in its own stead, a trip to India calls for a few things to be kept in mind before leaving for here.

Carefully Set a Plan

The length and breadth of the nation can appear daunting to those, who are visiting it for the first time. In order to avoid hassle and confusion in the later stages of your holidays in India, set a plan beforehand. Make a well-thought list of all the places you wish to visit, since the number of options can be overwhelming.

Carry Maps

For someone who is not familiar with roads and cities of India, travelling here can come across as a difficult task. In such case, it is best that you carry detailed maps of all those cities that you are planning to tour. This will save your time and make your trip absolutely hassle-free.


Due to vast differences in the geographical conditions of Indian states, weather can be extreme here. It is advisable to pack sunscreen lotion, scarves and umbrellas to tackle the heat. If your trip to India includes visiting cold regions, do not forget to keep warm clothes as well.

Food and Beverages

The fact that Indians love their spices is not obscure and most tourists enjoy Indian cuisine without holding back. However, if you have a sensitive stomach, it is advisable that you tell the chef or cook to prepare food accordingly.


When it comes to visiting this South Asian country, dressing modestly is the way to go. While visiting shrines and temples here, make sure to cover your head and maintain the expected code of conduct.

The above 5 tips can be of great help while on a tour of this majestic country.