Paying Homage at the Historic Se Cathedral with Goa Tour Packages

Goa Tour Packages

Goa Tour Packages

An important place of interest to visit with Goa tour packages is Se Cathedral. This site was constructed by the Portuguese after they defeated the Muslims and captured the region. It is about 250-feet long and roughly 181-feet wide and its fa├žade faces the east direction. Se Cathedral is constructed in the Tuscan style and is known for its unadorned exterior. The Corinthian columns in front of its main entrance stand on a raised platform, which carries an inscription related to the establishment of the site. Its ceiling has a barrel-vaulted structure, while the point where the arms of the church crucifix meet is a ribbed-vault.

On both sides of the nave are chapels and two of them have wooden screens, covered with small holes. Among them, the Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament with its gilded and decorated interiors contrasts the unadorned interior of the main church. The Chapel of the Cross of Miracles has a gilded altar, painted with scenes from the life of Saint Catherine. Statues of saints Francis Xavier and Ignatius Loyola decorate the pillars of the choir and beneath it a painting of Saint Christopher hangs. Here, visitors will also see a marble water container from 1532, used for baptism. To the right and left of the main entrance are four chapels each, dedicated to numerous saints.

Two pulpits project out from the columns inside the church and the main altar is flanked by three more on both sides. The arches above four of these altars are covered with paintings of incidents from the lives of saints. In niches inside the church, travellers will see sculptures of St. Peter and St. Paul and near the altar is a gallery that contains an 18th century organ. A throne for the Archbishop and seats of the canon are also here as is a beautifully carved ebony stand. The room where the ceremonial clothes of the priest are kept has a gilded altar beneath a barrel-vaulted ceiling. There were two bell-towers, flanking the cathedral, but one was destroyed and never rebuilt. Visiting this site as part of Mumbai Goa tour packages is also possible as Mumbai is well connected to the state via rail, road and air.