3 Interesting Things to Do during Holiday in Delhi

The essence of Delhi lies in its street food stalls, Mughal opulence, colonial erudition, and discotheques and theme restaurants. But, this is not all that can be explored and experienced while on a holiday in Delhi. This happening city has a lot of offbeat places that are less known, but in no way less interesting. Delhi had been the centre of the Mughal rule for more than two centuries, and thus has a lot of historical monuments and heritage sites, displaying the Mughal grandeur. Sightseeing in this city is not restricted to the cliché Qutb Minar, Red Fort, Lotus Temple and Jama Masjid. There is much more to see and do in the depths of the city with Delhi holiday packages.

A Stroll through Historical Gardens

For peace lovers and admirers of nature, who wish to spend a quiet holiday in Delhi, the historical gardens are perfect places. There are numerous such gardens here that not only offer serenity, but also scenic environs. Mughal Gardens, Lodhi Gardens and Rose Gardens are some of the most famous green spaces in the Indian capital. Tourists can go for a walk on the pavements and explore the tranquillity, prevailing in these spots.

Remembering the Rebellion

The Indian capital has seen decades of tyranny and mutiny and still carries the remnants of the gruesome period. People can take a stride in the area of Kashmiri Gate to be able to get an insight into the vestiges of the war-ridden era. Other places that have preserved the turbulent time within them are the Mutiny Memorial, where a list of martyrs is displayed; Khooni Darwaza (Bloody Gate), Khooni Jheel (Bloody Lake) and Coronation Park.

Exploring the Mystery of Eerie Places

The metropolis also houses many places, which are said to be haunted, thus seeming eerie to many. Forested areas and the old mansions have many mysteries, associated with them. Numerous Delhi holiday packages take tourists on a trip to such spots. Some of them are Sanjay Van, Malcha Mahal and Khooni Jheel.

By doing the above-mentioned things, travellers will not only enjoy their holidays in the city, but also get a new insight into its culture and charm.


3 Incredible Things to Do during Holiday in Delhi

Delhi, the National Capital Territory of India, has been a centre of attraction for a long time. It has been invaded, plundered and reconstructed many a times in the past. The city has a rich history, culture and a vibrant lifestyle that all draw a huge number of travellers. Even the residents outside of the metropolis have intermingled so thoroughly with locals that it has made its culture even richer and more vivid. If you are planning a holiday in Delhi, then the doing following three things will surely make it a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Visit to the Walled City

The walled city, commonly known as Old Delhi, was established by the great Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan, and it remained the capital of the empire till 1857. Since that time, it has managed to retain its old-world charm in its meandering lanes and medieval architecture. The most famous monuments in the city like Red Fort and Jama Masjid are also located here. This locality is renowned for its markets and an array street food. From kulfi falooda to exquisite stuffed paranthas, a number of lip-smacking dishes can be had while here with Delhi holiday packages. Non-vegetarians can relish a wide variety of kebabs and mildly spiced Mughlai gravy preparations here.

Active Life of New Delhi

When you come out from the hangover of the walled city, you can head to take a closer look at New Delhi. Being the National Capital of India, this area has most of the important government offices, scattered around in a planned urban layout. While this district is known for its wide boulevards, lush lawns and late colonial architecture, the nearby localities of Connaught Place and Hauz Khas are renowned for their nightlife. In these two famous destinations, you can dance at buzzing clubs and have a fun time.

Shopping in Delhi

Delhi always has something to offer to the local people and travellers, alike. From high-end malls to street-side markets, you can satisfy your appetite for shopping during your holiday in Delhi. Some of the most renowned shopping areas in the metropolis are Connaught Place, Sarojini Nagar, Lajpat Nagar, Janpath, Sadar Bazaar, Chandni Chowk and Karol Bagh.

Doing these three things will make a visit to this multicultural city a memorable one.

3 Things to Explore with Delhi Tour Packages

The capital city of India, New Delhi is a giant city full of amazing historical sites, culture, food, life, temples and everything else that one can imagine. Tourists can plan their visit to this big city with Delhi tour packages in order to avoid any hassle. The city has a lot to unwrap and serve, both for natives as well as tourists. Specifically, the four must experiences that travellers should not miss while enjoying the holiday in Delhi are its incredible history, culture and food.


The monuments standing tall from the old times speak for this city and its history. Be it, the national monument or an ancient fort, the city is full of rich heritage, where different structures tell an interesting story. Often referred as the pride of the country, India Gate is also one of the main landmarks of the capital city. It commemorates around 70000 Indian soldiers, who lost their lives during World War I fighting for the British Army. Among the ancient tombs and forts come the Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Lodi Garden, Jantar Mantar and Qutb Minar that can be explored for their ingenious architectural work. Other destinations like Hauz Khas, Lodi Garden and Garden of Five Senses are also worth giving a site, while spending a long holiday in Delhi. Travellers can enjoy a good family time here.


While planning a trip to this capital city, travellers can also consider the seasons of festivals here to enjoy their holiday in Delhi to the fullest. Though there are a lot of festivals that the country celebrates throughout the year, some special ones are worth mentioning, such as Holi, Diwali, Christmas, Baisakhi, Durga Puja, Ganesh Utsav, Janmashtami and Basant Panchami. Where people play with colourful splashes in Holi, Diwali makes the city bling with lights, Janmashtami celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna and Basant Panchami fills the sky with colourful kites. This capital city celebrates all festivals with a huge enthusiasm and spirit, and travellers are suggested to be a part of these events while enjoying their stay here.


Along with offering visual treats to visitors, this capital city has a lot for treating their taste buds too. The famous Dilli ki Chaat is the culinary icon of this place. Similarly, the well-known place, Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi, also offers the traditional food of Delhi. Lastly, explaining would probably not work as much as tasting it would do.

Admire Architectural Brilliance of 2 Famous Temples with Delhi Holiday Packages

Standing along the banks of the Yamuna River, Delhi – the national capital territory of India, is one of the most visited destinations of the country. A stronghold of many great empires and dynasties, this historic city has always remained a central point of political, social, and cultural affairs. From diving deep into its rich history to revelling wholly in its vibrant city life, travellers can explore this place to its fullest by availing Delhi holiday packages.

Delhi is dotted with a number of tourist attractions, and thousands of travellers from all across the world pay a visit to this place in an attempt to explore its various colourful facets. Be it is its vibrant nightlife or peaceful environs, this city has never failed to fascinate visitors. Apart from being noted for its skyscraper buildings, this place is also recognised for its temples, of which some are famed for their elegant architectures and some owe their glory for being wish fulfiller. Some of the famous temples here that tourists can visit by booking their holiday packages with an online travel agency are listed below.


Located at Hare Krishna Hills in east of Kailash, this massive structure was built in an order to pay reverence to Lord Krishna. This holy shrine is noted for its excellent architecture, which had been designed by Achyut Kanvinde, a famous architect. There is a huge hall, which has been beautifully decorated by the carvings of the scenes from the Hindu epic of Mahabharata. This massive complex also houses a museum, which showcases copies of Bhagvada Gita in several different languages.

Akshardham Temple

Dedicated to Bhagwan Swaminarayan, this massive complex reflects the architectural brilliance of the modern times. Inaugurated in the year of 2005, this architectural wonder has made its name in the list of Guinness World Record for being the largest comprehensive Hindu temple in the world. This architectural masterpiece is a result of the hard work of about 11000 artisans, and thus is one of the must-visit places with Delhi holiday packages.

Besides visiting these important 2 Hindu temples, travellers can explore other similar places in Delhi.

Tour of Pre-Modern Observatory with Delhi Holiday Packages

Jantar Mantar in Delhi

Jantar Mantar in Delhi

India is popular among international travellers and a lot of holiday packages are available for touring within this country. Most tourists first arrive in Delhi by air as it is an important air-transit hub of India. If they have time before travelling through India with their domestic holiday packages from Delhi, there are numerous attractions within the city that they may consider visiting. Among the most interesting sites in the metropolis is Jantar Mantar, which is a testimony to the science and architectural mastery of Indians, through the ages. It is essentially a sundial or an astronomical clock built in 1724 by Jai Singh II, the ruler of Jaipur. He constructed it along with four others on the orders of the Mughal king Muhammad Shah, who wanted to revise the calendar.


The Jantar Mantar complex houses three astronomical instruments, built with the purpose of studying the movements of the planets, moon and the sun. Samrat Yantra or the royal instrument is the most significant of all three and is the main attraction in this pre-modern observatory complex. It is an erect right-angled red sandstone triangle with a height of 70 feet, width of 10 feet and a base-length of around 114 feet. Its slanting side, pointing to the North Pole, is about 128 feet long and is parallel to the axis of the earth. Curved stone structures on both sides of it have markings denoting the hours, minutes and seconds. Jai Prakash Yantras are two hollowed hemispheres with marble plates in their concave surfaces. Standing on the platforms outside the spheres, astronomers used to determine the precise position of stars. Misra Yantra is a slanting heart-shaped structure with stairs to reach to the topmost part. It was designed to determine the longest and shortest days of the year along with the moment when the sun would be directly overhead.


Jantar Mantar is located on Sansad Marg, one of the radial roads originating from Connaught Place. Indira Gandhi International Airport is around 13 km and New Delhi Railway Station is roughly 3 km from the attraction. If it is being visited with Delhi holiday packages, then tourists may take a metro and de-board at Patel Chowk and then take an auto or cycle rickshaws from there.

Viewing the Skill of Ancient Indian Blacksmiths during a Holiday in Delhi

Qutab Minar in New Delhi

Qutab Minar in New Delhi

While tourists are visiting the Qutab Minar during their holiday in Delhi, their guide will probably show them other nearby attractions like the iron pillar. It is recognised all over the world as a proof of the skill of Indian blacksmiths as for more than 900 years, it has not corroded. This property is credited to the use of iron, rich in phosphorus by the blacksmiths to cast the tower. Its total height is around 7.21 metres and a part of it, measuring further 1.21 metres in length is below the ground. The pedestal on its top is about 1.07 metres high and its bulbous base rise to roughly 0.74 metres. The frame, beneath the stone-path, on which it stands, is made of iron bars, soldered together with lead. Its diameter reduces from about 420 mm at its base to around 306 mm at its top due to its conical structure.

A commonly accepted theory is that the pillar was not forged in the city, but brought from somewhere else. Some historians say that it originally stood inside the Udayagiri Caves in Madhya Pradesh. This theory is supported by the proven facts that speak of peculiar mining traditions around the Deccan Plateau in Central India. Furthermore, it is hypothesised that Iltutmish, the third Mamluk ruler and the first Sultan of Delhi, sacked the above-mentioned region and brought the pillar to Delhi. Its surface contains many inscriptions, carved in different time periods, but never studied properly. An inscription here, in the Sanskrit language, is thought to be the earliest such carving. As it is written in the Brahmi script, it is held that it was perhaps forged during the reign of the Gupta dynasty.

This inscription says that it was erected to honour Lord Vishnu and also praises a king named Chandra. Some historians identify this king with Chandragupta of the Gupta dynasty and others link him with Chandragupta Maurya. If it was indeed erected during the time of Chandragupta Maurya, the tower today, is more than 1300 years old. Some people also say that it was constructed as early as 9th century BC, but this theory has largely been cast aside. As Qutab Minar is among the most prominent tourist attractions of India, almost all inclusive holiday packages in India include it in their itinerary.