Familiarising with Indigenous Culture with Orissa Tribal Tour Packages

Orissa Tours

Orissa Tours

India is home to numerous tribes and as a result, the indigenous culture of the country is diverse. To understand more about these, travellers can venture out to different parts of the nation and opt for special trips like that of Orissa tribal tour packages so that they can gain a first-hand experience of this relatively hidden jewel of this state. A large number of ethnic groups inhabit the area and they have varied beliefs along with different ways of living. Their different ways of sustaining themselves include hunting, herding, shifting cultivation, farming at once place, handicrafts and even industrial occupation. These inhabitants hold a strong belief in the supernatural forces and maintain that their gods live in the natural features of the region, such as caves, hills, forests and rivers. Their cultures also consist of numerous types of dances and each community has its own distinct form.


The tribal people of Orissa have a fascinating tradition of producing peculiar handicrafts, and it incorporates working with varied materials. Pottery is utilised to produce items of daily requirement like roof tiles, pots, bowls, jars, plates, cooking stoves as well as for making decorative objects like animal figures and toys. They work exquisitely with bamboo, cane and reeds to produce perfect baskets, ropes, brooms and strings. These inhabitants make a pulp out of plaster and waste cloths and then use it to create different paper mache items. Plaster and clay are mostly used by women to decorate the walls of their houses with designs, reflecting many desires, feelings and emotions. Cooking utensils, figurines and beads, all made by the indigenous groups of the state are well-known in the country. Colourful costumes, headgear and painted masks from the region are another aspect of the local handicrafts here.

Tourists, availing such Orissa tour packages, may also learn about the magnificent dyes that are made by the locals. While touring the region, people may be able see herders and farmers, wearing hats made out of dried leaves. The secretions of the lac insects are used by these people to produce lacquer, which they utilise for decorating cane boxes and terracotta objects. They mould metal to make figures of snakes, fish and crocodiles and also for making beads and measuring vessels.