3 Sports to Play with Classical India Tour Packages

The word, classical, refers to something, which is exclusive or well known in comparison to other things in its category. Same is the case with classical India tour packages, with which people can experience something, which characterises an aspect of the country in the best possible way. One such aspect is sports that have the power to unite people of all castes, creeds, regions and faiths. By playing with locals, not only can tourists have fun and keep themselves fit, but also interact with them to learn about their life and culture. Here are three sports that are known throughout the country and can be played by travellers when here.


For a true cultural venture during their holidays in India, globetrotters can engage in a friendly game of cricket. Most Indians play it not at world-class stadiums, but wherever they find space like streets, public parks, courtyards, alleys, terraces and even balconies. Localities in villages or cities often have their own special set of rules that are many times a result of the layout of the area. Attending a match at a stadium can be an exhilarating experience, with fans waving flags, banners and charts, and screaming at the top of their voice.


Kabaddi, one of the most popular local games, is believed to have been in existence since ancient times. In it, a rectangular court is divided into two halves like a badminton or tennis court. The goal is to send one team member to the court of the opposition. He or she then touches a member of the opponent group and tries to return to the home court without being caught. All this while, the person, who goes to the other court, has to hold his or her breath until returning. In contemporary times, its fame has grown manifold, and a domestic competition, called the Pro Kabaddi League, is organised every year.


Another sport to play with Classical India tour packages is hockey, which is also the national game of the country. It is played proudly by the people of Punjab, especially the Sikhs, and most players in the national team too come from here. Though it is played on a synthetic surface at the international level, in villages and towns, the hockey pitch is made of grass as matches are held in grounds and public parks.

These are the three essential sports that tourists can play during their holidays in India for a comprehensive cultural experience.


A Taste of Culture and Tradition with India Travel Packages

Classical tours to India

Classical tours to India

Tour packages to classical India can be made to feel like their name by getting a taste of the local culture and traditions. A good way to do so is by shopping for traditional things like handicrafts, clothing items, food, jewellery, accessories and other things. Delhi, the national capital, is a good place to look for such souvenirs, many of which are handmade. A number of small and large markets are located around the city, where tourists can come to take samples of the local culture back home.

Dilli Haat

Dilli Haat, in INA Colony, has 62 stalls, arranged according to the region and things they sell. The things sold here include handicrafts, rugs, carpets, antiques, silk clothes, leather accessories, linen, fabrics, furniture, stone/woodcarvings and precious stones. Apart from shopping, visitors can also enjoy performances like music, dances and puppet shows to learn more about India. Another bonus of coming to this place is that the stalls in the food court serve dishes of cuisines from around the country. Many food festivals are regularly organised here by the government to further allow tourists to sample the rich food of the country. It is open between 10 am and 10 pm every day and can be accessed by Delhi Metro.

Tibetan Market and Janpath

Janpath is a street arising out of Connaught Place, in the heart of the city. It is a hub for people looking for clothes and fabrics at cheap rates. All kinds of handicrafts, paintings, shoes, brass items, leather products, artificial jewellery and semi-precious stones are sold here. One of the most significant items sold here is the fine Pashmina rug from Jammu and Kashmir. Other objects available here are kundan jewellery sets, vermilion and hallmarked gold/diamond items. The Tibetan market here sells arts and crafts from the plateau along with beads, musical instruments and wall hangings. Vendors along this 1.5 km long road sell necklaces, horns, drums, trinkets and postcards, which make this market quite sought-after by tourists. Visitors coming here as part of their India travel packages or otherwise can reach here via Delhi Metro.