4 Fun-Filled Activities to Enjoy during Sri Lanka Holidays

Located amidst the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is known for its sandy beaches and rich wildlife. This island nation is home to a number of intriguing flora and fauna species, therefore also a dream destination for every nature lover. Tourists from all around the globe come here in search of beauty and serenity. Sri Lanka holidays offer a chance to look into the lives of one of the most ancient civilisations in the world as well. Given below are four such activities that you should undertake to make the best of your vacation in this breathtaking realm.

Take a Tour of Nuwara Eliya

Known as Little England of Sri Lanka, Nuwara Eliya is where the world-famous Ceylon tea is grown. This erstwhile hill retreat of the colonisers resembles the picturesque sceneries of rural England. Take a tour through the lush plantations on the misty hills to experience one of the best feelings of holidaying in this island nation. You can also enjoy a steaming cup of flavoursome tea while marvelling at the surreal surroundings.

Explore the Marvellous Cave Temples of Dambulla

The splendid Royal Rock Temple complex is located in the southern region of Dambulla. When availing a tour package to Sri Lanka, make sure to visit this extraordinary site. The complex is made of five caves that contain over a hundred spectacular statues and paintings of Lord Buddha, dating back as far as around 2000 years. This historical site is also a great vantage point to enjoy the surrounding countryside vistas.

Try Snorkelling at Pigeon Island National Park

Located around one kilometre offshore in Nilaveli region, Pigeon Island is home to rock pigeons. Its velvety sand, clear-blue pools and shimmering corals make it a sight to behold. The area is suitable for snorkelling with shallow reefs that make it possible for you to explore the awe-striking underwater world and all its wonders. It is a must-do activity as Sri Lanka holidays are incomplete without enjoying a few water sports.

Revel in the English Charm of Adisham Monastery

A Benedictine Monastery, Adisham once belonged to an English planter who had settled in Sri Lanka. In order to recreate his own lifestyle in a foreign land, the planter developed some enchanting country cottage gardens, frequently seen in the villages of England. Visitors can see the library and living room inside the idyllic monument and also buy fresh produce of the gardens maintained around the monastery.


3 Dishes to Take Back Home after Sri Lanka Holiday Tours

People have been going on Sri Lanka holiday tours for a number of reasons. One of the primary aspects that draw travellers is its treasure chest of palm-lined and sand-covered beaches. Apart from just relaxing on them, visitors can also try numerous adventure sports like swimming, surfing and diving. The ancient and medieval stupas, city ruins and castles here are renowned all over the world as are the Hindu and Buddhist temples and festivals. One of the ways to make memories while visiting all these is trying local dishes, taking the recipes and cooking them back home. Here are three essential local delicacies that tourists can have and treat their loved ones to, after returning.

Ambul Thiyal

Among the most loved dishes to try on Sri Lanka vacation tours, Ambul Thiyal is a spicy fish curry, generally made with mackerel or tuna. It is quite simple to cook; dry ingredients like chillies and individual spices, and tamarind are ground and the protein is cut. Everything is put into an earthen pot with water, and then cooked. As the recipe does not call for any oil, even the health conscious can enjoy it.


When walking on the streets here, people will find numerous street-side stalls, selling Kottu. A popular fast food delicacy, conceived to deal with leftovers, it is a complete meal in itself as it comprises a flatbread, vegetables or meat, and sauce. The roti is mostly prepared beforehand, and when ordered, is cut, using metal spatulas. Then, all the components are placed on an iron girdle, combined and smeared with soy or Worcestershire Sauce. Eggs are also used in the preparation, but those who do not eat it can make the dish without them.

Pol Sambol

If travellers opt for a traditional meal during their Sri Lanka holiday tours, the food may be accompanied with Pol Sambol. The primary ingredient of this side dish is coconuts that the country has no dearth of. After being grated finely, the coconut is put in a ceramic bowl. Then, sliced red onions, red chilli powder or whole chillies, dried, salt and lime juice are added. If possible, then sea salt can be used for its unique flavour, and fish can be added to give it another dimension.
After having the three above-mentioned dishes during their Sri Lanka vacation tours, travellers can cook them and keep the memories of their holiday alive.

3 Must-Do Things while on Sri Lanka Tour Packages from India

Surrounded by the sparkling waters of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is on the wish list of many. The island country boasts pristine beaches, misty mountains, rich cultural heritage, magnificent waterfalls, lush tea estates, diverse wildlife and many shrines. Sri Lanka tour packages from India provides an array of holiday experiences, from relaxing on sun-kissed beaches and adventurous wildlife tours to exploring archaeological sites and paying homage at temples. Every year, hordes of tourists come to experience different aspects of this country. For a memorable experience, here is the list of three must-do things in Sri Lanka:

Rejuvenate with Ayurvedic Spa

Sri Lanka has been a centre of physical and spiritual healing for thousands of years. It has numerous Ayurveda centres that provide therapeutic massages along with Eastern and Western therapies. Ayurvedic programmes consist of herbal treatments, massages and revitalisation techniques, such as meditation, yoga and special diets. However, Eastern and Western therapies include Thai massages, herbal baths, and hydrotherapy and reflexology treatments. Travellers on a package tour to Sri Lanka must utilise their leisure time with these relaxing therapies.

Try a Few Adventure Sports

With almost 1600 km of coastline, Sri Lanka is an ideal destination for adventure activities like surfing, waterskiing, snorkelling, banana boating and many more. This island nation also offers infinite scuba diving opportunities, and many domestic and foreign PADI-qualified instructors offer related courses here. Tourists can admire the fascinating diversity of landscapes while enjoying a hot-air balloon ride. Sri Lanka tour packages from India also allow tourists to enjoy skin diving, wreck diving, paragliding, rock climbing, and infinite other sports offered here.

Savour Delectable Sri Lankan Food

An essential thing to do while on a trip to Sri Lanka is to relish the delicious local fare. The country is known for its snacks, such as maalu pan (fish buns), hoppers (a pancake-like snack) and pittu (a dish made from coconut and flour). The seafood of Sri Lanka is also famous all over the world and people spending their holidays here must try prawns and crabs. The delectable local food is something tourists should not miss on their package tour to Sri Lanka.

Trying these three things during a vacation, are sure to make a Sri Lankan experience delightful and memorable.

Admire the Architectural Beauty of Ruwanwelisaya with Sri Lanka Holiday Package

Buddhism, specifically Theravada Buddhism, was introduced in Sri Lanka in the 3rd century BC by Mahendra, the son of King Ashoka. Since then, it has grown into a major centre of Buddhist learning in Asia. Today, nearly 70 per cent of the entire population of the country follows it. More than 6000 Buddhist monasteries and stupas are located in different parts of this island nation. Each of these holy sites is visited by hordes of devotees and tourists, all along the year. If you are planning to come to this island country for a holiday, then you should definitely visit some of these sacred sites and explore their architecture and history. You could do this by availing a Sri Lanka holiday package that includes a visit to some of these venerated places.


This ancient stupa, located in the ancient city of Anuradhapura, is one of the major Buddhists structures in this nation and a must-visit religious site. This architectural marvel was commissioned by King Duttugamunu in 161 BC; however, he did not live long enough to see its completion. With a circumference of 292 m, base diameter of 90 m and height of 103 m, it is one of the tallest monuments in the world. The highlight of this structure is its design that resembles a bubble of milk.

According to legends, some important Buddhist relics have been kept here; hence, it is one of the most revered sites for Buddhists in the country. The materials used for the construction of this structure were brought from the bank of Gambhira River, rock-cave of Ridi and villages of Tambapittha, Avuruvini, Pelavapi and Samanveve. An interesting fact about it is that the Kaunghmudaw Pagoda in Myanmar has been inspired by it.

If you wish to explore this magnificent monument during your holiday in Sri Lanka, all you need to do is to reach Anuradhapura, which lies about 183 km from Colombo. After reaching the Bandarnaike International Airport in Colombo, take a train, bus or private car to reach Anuradhapura in 4 to 5 hours.

Besides exploring the Ruwanwelisaya stupa, you can visit other important attractions of this city, such as Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi, Sigiriya, Lankarama and Jetavanaramaya.

3 Things to Do with Holiday Packages to Sri Lanka

The mesmeric evening sky, azure waters of the Indian Ocean, and milky white waterfalls, trickling down the mountains, create a perfect feeling for nature lovers in Sri Lanka. Apart from exploring nature, numerous other destinations can be visit and things done with holiday packages to Sri Lanka. Here are three incredible experiences that will make a vacation to this island country a lifetime memory.

Embarking on a Train Sojourn

Taking a train ride in the nation to explore the beauty of nature is an experience worth having. Passengers can open the window and feel the cool breeze, kissing their face. A journey through mist and light shower would make them feel refreshed and rejuvenated. The charm of such venture lies in going through mountain tunnels and past tea plantations, and looking at the little brooks flowing through, pine forests and lush valleys. The amalgamation of peace and ethereal panorama of the route provides people enough reasons to go sightseeing in Sri Lanka.

Exploring the Lankan Culture

The country has a huge set of historical legends and traditions in store. Travellers can go into the depths of its history by looking at the ruins of Anuradhapura, Sigiriya and Polonnaruwa and exploring Kandy. Globetrotters can also get an insight into the country by indulging in its music, dance and visual arts. The nation is a blend of Buddhist and Hindu cultures with a tinge of Portuguese, Dutch and British influences. Quite rich in terms of cultural diversity, this island attracts a lot of visitors throughout the year, who wish to take a sneak peek into this aspect.

Watching Whales and Dolphins

Those, who are tired of wandering through the forests and climbing rolling hills, can do a lot of different things. They can watch the adorable dolphins and enjoy their playful antics. People can also spot the royal blue whales that will leave them completely awestruck by their effortless skills of gliding past boats. There are a number of destinations like Kalpitiya and Dondra Point, where tourists can spot these animals.

Having these three experiences with holiday packages to Sri Lanka will make unforgettable memories and create innumerable stories to tell.

Experiencing Thrill with Sri Lanka Holiday Package

The legendary adventurer Marco Polo defined Sri Lanka as one of the best island nations of its size. Located in the south of India, this country looks like a drop of emerald amidst blue waters. Within such small physical boundaries, the diversity of natural environ here simply amazes you. From the 5th century citadel – Singriya – ancient Buddhist ruins to palm-fringed shores and sacred city of Anuradhapur, it is a perfect place for people seeking for variety in a holiday package.

Though the identity of this island nation mostly includes the glories of the early Buddhist civilisation, its importance in trade and commerce in those days cannot be undermined. This is the reason that the culture of this country is influenced by Arabs, British, Asians, Dutch and Portuguese lifestyles. With Sri Lanka holidays package, you can spot many architectural marvels representing styles belonging to these ethnicities. So, this is a perfect place for art and history lovers. Apart from this, it also does not disappoint adventure seekers as they can indulge in plethora of water sports and other adrenalin rushing activities here.


From the depths of the ocean to the top of the mountain peaks, varying geography packed in this small island offers a number of options for adventurous activities. You can opt for scuba diving or surfing to witness the wonders of nature. Vibrant fishes swimming around coral gardens and ancient wrecks are a sight to capture while exploring the rugged beauty of this place with holiday package in Sri Lanka. Though surfing is a relatively new sport, there is plethora of opportunities in the eastern and southern coasts. You can indulge in some marine game fishing in the sea around Sri Lanka or try rafting, canoeing or kayaking to feel the adrenaline rush.

Apart from water sports, expanding mountains here, quaint villages and lush green forests are an ideal choice to try trekking, hiking or trail blazing. However, if you are not an adventure fanatic, spending some time in the serene environ of waterfalls is also an option.

3 Religious Sites to Explore with Sri Lanka Tour Operators

Nestled amidst the waters of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is an island country, full of pristine beaches, mountains, tropical forests, an array of wildlife and historical sites.  Also known as Pearl of the Indian Ocean, the tourist appeal of Sri Lanka is well justified by its never-ending natural beauty. Ravaged by a civil war for almost a quarter of the century, it is now emerging as one of the most favoured tourist destinations in South Asia. With the co-operation and packages, offered by Sri Lanka tour operators, this popularity is only rising with each passing day.

Religion is integral to the country, which is one such place where you can spot statues of Lord Buddha, Lord Ganesha and Jesus Christ in one go. The nation was once home to great civilisations like the kingdom of Gampola, kingdom of Polonnaruwa and Jaffna kingdom. The ruins and monuments from some of these civilisations are well preserved till date and serve as famous attractions. While visiting this timeless country with cheap holidays to Sri Lanka, travellers can visit the following three sites:


An ancient Buddhist temple, approximately 1000 years old, it is about 10 km from Wellawaya in the Monaragala district. This site is famous for the huge carved stone statues in its complex, and hence, the name Buduruwagala, which roughly translates into the rock of Buddhist sculptures. One of these statues – Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara – is of great religious significance for the followers of Buddhism.

Sri Maha Bodhi

Situated in Anuradhapura, Sri Maha Bodhi is considered to be the oldest living tree, planted by a human in the nation. Planted in around 249 BC by King Devanampiyatissa, this tree is said to be a sapling from Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi, under which Prince Siddhartha Gautama gained enlightenment. This is the reason why it is called Bodhi, meaning awakening. Thousands of devotees pray to this tree, and on full moon nights special offerings are made here.

Golden Temple of Dambulla

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Golden Temple of Dambulla is situated in the central part of Sri Lanka. This temple complex, tucked under a gigantic rock, is the largest and one of the best preserved ones in the country. A visit to this attraction is included in most packages offered by Sri Lanka tour operators.

These three sites can be thronged during a tour to this country to learn about the Buddhist beliefs of locals.