4 Fun-Filled Activities to Enjoy during Sri Lanka Holidays

Located amidst the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is known for its sandy beaches and rich wildlife. This island nation is home to a number of intriguing flora and fauna species, therefore also a dream destination for every nature lover. Tourists from all around the globe come here in search of beauty and serenity. Sri Lanka holidays offer a chance to look into the lives of one of the most ancient civilisations in the world as well. Given below are four such activities that you should undertake to make the best of your vacation in this breathtaking realm.

Take a Tour of Nuwara Eliya

Known as Little England of Sri Lanka, Nuwara Eliya is where the world-famous Ceylon tea is grown. This erstwhile hill retreat of the colonisers resembles the picturesque sceneries of rural England. Take a tour through the lush plantations on the misty hills to experience one of the best feelings of holidaying in this island nation. You can also enjoy a steaming cup of flavoursome tea while marvelling at the surreal surroundings.

Explore the Marvellous Cave Temples of Dambulla

The splendid Royal Rock Temple complex is located in the southern region of Dambulla. When availing a tour package to Sri Lanka, make sure to visit this extraordinary site. The complex is made of five caves that contain over a hundred spectacular statues and paintings of Lord Buddha, dating back as far as around 2000 years. This historical site is also a great vantage point to enjoy the surrounding countryside vistas.

Try Snorkelling at Pigeon Island National Park

Located around one kilometre offshore in Nilaveli region, Pigeon Island is home to rock pigeons. Its velvety sand, clear-blue pools and shimmering corals make it a sight to behold. The area is suitable for snorkelling with shallow reefs that make it possible for you to explore the awe-striking underwater world and all its wonders. It is a must-do activity as Sri Lanka holidays are incomplete without enjoying a few water sports.

Revel in the English Charm of Adisham Monastery

A Benedictine Monastery, Adisham once belonged to an English planter who had settled in Sri Lanka. In order to recreate his own lifestyle in a foreign land, the planter developed some enchanting country cottage gardens, frequently seen in the villages of England. Visitors can see the library and living room inside the idyllic monument and also buy fresh produce of the gardens maintained around the monastery.


Paying Homage to Buddha during Sri Lanka Vacation Tours

Buddhism is the main religion in Sri Lanka and as much as 70% of the population follows it. The faith came to the island country with the children of Ashoka. Sanghamitra, his daughter, brought a branch of the Bodhi tree from Gaya in India and planted it in Lanka. Many temples dedicated to Buddha are situated in the country, such as Abhayagiri Vihara, Jaya Siri Maha Bodhi, Sela Chetiya and Temple of the Tooth, which can be visited by people during their Sri Lanka vacation tours.

Temple of the Tooth

Kandy city in Sri Lanka

Kandy city in Sri Lanka

The Temple of the Tooth Relic or Sri Dalada Maligawa is a Buddhist shrine situated in the Lankan city of Kandy. It is situated within the royal palace of the erstwhile kingdom of Kandy. It is on the banks of Bogambara Lake and a brick wall surrounds it. A moat leads to the main entrance, which is known as Mahawahalkada. At the bottom of the steps is a semi-circular stone decorated with carvings. This is a characteristic feature of ancient Sinhalese architecture and the stone is known as Sandakada Pahana. On either sides of this entrance lie statues of elephants made of stone. Chambers used by drummers to perform are present in front of the central shrine. Palleya Malaya is the lower floor of the temple while the upper one is known as Udu Malaya. The main shrine is layered by pillars, which support the roof. A tooth of Buddha is believed to have been kept inside the inner sanctum. Behind the columns are small statues of the deity. Intricate carving is done on poles and niches, bulging out of the former.

In 1987, the ceiling above the sanctum was decorated with flowers made of gold and a golden fence was constructed around it. A golden coffin constructed in the shape of a stupa houses the sacred relic. The relic was originally kept in Kalinga after Buddha achieved Nirvana and was later smuggled into the island. If tourists are staying in Kandy as part of their tour package, they can definitely consider visiting this shrine.

A Taste of Sherpa Culture with Nepal Holiday Tour Packages

Khumbu region nepal

Khumbu region nepal

The Sherpas are an ethnic community originally from the east of Nepal. Various Nepal holiday tour packages take people to their villages, which are situated in the mountains. The Khumbu region is near Mount Everest and is an ideal place for mountaineering excursions. A trail, popular among tourists, starts at Lukla – a town situated 2860 metres above sea level – and descends to Phakding. Its altitude is 2610 metres and the vegetation is mainly coniferous. One the second day, the trail climbs to Namche Bazaar, which is 3440-metre high. This is where people climbing to the highest mountain in the world stop to acclimatise. From here, the path starts for the religiously-significant Thame town. This 3800-metre high settlement is located in a valley within the Solukhumbu district. Tenzing Norgay resided here during his childhood as did many other famous climbers. It is located close to the tree line and the vegetation is less dense. The houses are built with bricks and feature tin roofs.

Thereon, people travel to Khumjung – a major Sherpa settlement situated at a high altitude. The Khumbila peak, which is deemed too holy to climb by locals, is close by. Tengboche is reached on the fifth day and another monastery is situated here, which can be visited by trekkers. It is the highest point in the journey at 3867 metres above sea level. Himalayan cedars, firs and spruces are found at this height and snow-covered Everest along with other peaks is easily visible. Tourists then start descending to Monjo, which is at a height of 2835 metres. A lot of greenery is present in the area as it is below the snow line and vegetation is quite dense. Pines dominate the mountains while fields are extensively cultivated by local farmers. The difficulty level of this path is moderate to high and trips are conducted between May to March and September to November. These villages, visited as parts of a tour package, are perfect places to experience and explore the life and culture of the Sherpas.

Enjoy Whale Watching with Sri Lanka Vacation Tours

Vacation tours-(Sri Lanka)

Vacation tours-(Sri Lanka)

The island nation of Sri Lanka in Indian Ocean is located off the southern tip of India in South Asia. It lies in the Indomalaya ecozone and is among the 25 top biodiversity spots of the world. People from different parts of the world opt for Sri Lanka vacation tours to visit its beautiful destinations. Home to more than 20 wildlife reserves, this country preserves a wide range of species, such as sloth bears, leopards, Asian elephants, purple-faced langurs and unique loris. Several endangered species like anteaters, porcupine and wild boars are also found here. The seaside of Mirissa is visited by tourists from around the world as it is home to a number of famous vacation hotspots. As a result of this diversity in wildlife, whale watching has emerged as one of the major entertainment activities for tourists.

Expansive Sandy Stretches of Mirissa

Mirissa Beach-(Sri Lanka)

Mirissa Beach-(Sri Lanka)

The serene beach of Mirissa is located in southern Sri Lanka and is approximately 150 kilometres away from Colombo – the capital city of the country. This seaside offers scenic surroundings characterised with vast sandy stretches, turquoise water as well as verdant palm and coconut trees. Tourists can simply laze around and enjoy a peaceful repose at this secluded place or can take leisurely strolls along the coastline. Adventure lovers can indulge in various water sports and activities like surfing and boating.

Another popular activity, which this mesmeric destination offers is whale watching. Special boat and flight tours are organised for this unique activity, which allows tourists to watch the largest mammals of the world – Blue Whales. The largest toothed-predator of the world and the largest whale with a dental system – Sperm Whales can also be observed here. Friendly species of dolphins, the cetacean mammals are also spotted often at the shore of this extraordinary destination. The best way to witness these beauties of the deep blue sea is by opting for a tour package to this amazing destination that render a memorable experience for a lifetime.

Scenic Basantapur Offers a Soothing Repose during Nepal Holiday Tour Packages

Basantapur Hill Station-(Nepal)

Basantapur Hill Station-(Nepal)

Basantapur, a hill station in Nepal, offers mesmeric environs for tourists characterised with lofty mountains, splendid lakes and verdant forests. It is one of the most popular destinations in the nation and is visited by hordes of tourists throughout the year. Jasmine flowers, pastures, rolling hills carpeted with rhododendron and breath-taking views of sunrise and sunset spellbind the visitors. What adds further to the fervour of opting for Nepal holiday tour packages, is the warm hospitality by the friendly people of this country. Basantapur is a small hill station but it has a diverse cultural spectrum with mixed hues of Limbu, Gurung, Tamang, Chhetri, Newar, Marwadi and Theru societies. There are a number of exquisite places of interest at this hilly resort.




Tinjure is a ridge, which lies at an elevation of more than 3000 metres, and offers magnificent sunrise and sunset views. This place is famous for its wide variety of colourful rhododendrons. It is located in the Tinjure Danda locality of the hill station and is within a half-an-hour walk of the main bazaar. This route is popularly known as the Tinjure Milke Jaljale Trail or the Rhododendron Trail and it leads through Sankhuwasabha, Tehrathum and Taplejung districts. The trail features a serene lake known as Gupha Pokhari, which offers magical views of the Kanchenjunga massif in the east as well as the Makalu and Khumbu Himal in the west. It provides an enchanting experience, having scenic surroundings of snow-capped peaks, deep valleys and colourful mountainous flowers. A shorter ridge, known as Milke Danda follows, which lies at an elevation of more than 2900 metres. It is a forest of rhododendron and features splendid lakes. The picturesque environs of this beatific place inspire people to opt for a tour package to this nest of nature.