Top 2 Destinations to Visit during Holidays in India

With a wide range of geography, rich history and diverse culture, India is among the most toured countries in the world. Every year, hordes of international travellers come to spend their holidays in India. From sun-baked beaches and expansive tea plantations to towering mountains and party destinations, the country offers it all. To make vacations here a truly memorable experience, listed below are the top two holiday destinations that globetrotters can throng.


Located in the north, Delhi is one of the top tourist destinations in the country. Owing to its diversity and popularity, it always remains one of the favourite India holiday destinations among travellers. The city is renowned for its splendid monuments, art galleries, fascinating museums, bustling street markets, fabulous eating points, vibrant lifestyle and friendly people. Some of the most visited attractions in the city are Red Fort, India Gate, Qutb Minar, Humayun Tomb, Jantar Mantar, National Rail Museum, National Science Centre and Garden of Five Senses. Some points of interest here with a spiritual significance include Laxminarayan Temple, ISKCON Temple, Jama Masjid and Akshardham Temple. For shopaholics, Sarojini Nagar, Lajpat Nagar and Janpath markets are good places to buy stylish clothes at a reasonable price.


Overlooking the Arabian Sea, Goa is an ideal destination for holidaymakers. It is characterised by pristine beaches, spice plantations, old shrines, Portuguese architecture, a large variety of fauna, cascading waterfalls and informative museums. Tourists can simply sit and relax on the famous Anjuna, Baga, Calangute and Candolim beaches, experience the lively nightlife and explore the rich flora and fauna. Visitors can also relish the delectable Goan fare, which is a rich blend of local and Portuguese influences. For adventure lovers, the state offers a lot of activities like trekking, parasailing, snorkelling, windsurfing and scuba diving.

Palolem, Vagator and Mobor are a few prominent beaches that provide these water sports activities. People can spend their holidays in India by visiting some popular points of interest here like Dudhsagar Falls, Basilica of Bom Jesus, Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary and the Goa State Museum.

A visit to the above-mentioned India holiday destinations will give tourists a chance to capture picturesque views of architectural monuments and scenic vistas of pristine beaches.


4 Places to Explore while Spending Holidays in India

A gem in South Asia, India consists of 29 states and 7 union territories. The nation is famed for its remarkable diversity in languages, cultures and landscapes. Every year, hordes of tourists from all parts of the world come to spend holidays in India. It is such a vast country that it is impossible to explore the various attractions in just one tour. Below are the four must-visit destinations in the country that draw tourists from near and far:

New Delhi

The national capital, New Delhi is noted for its vibrant lifestyle and rich history. The city is a popular tourism hub as it houses magnificent monuments, architectural wonders, art galleries, bustling markets and lively dining options. Travellers can start from its heritage attractions like Red Fort, Qutb Minar and Jantar Mantar, and complete the tour by shopping in popular markets like Chandni Chowk, Lajpat Nagar and Connaught Place.


Situated on the banks of the Yamuna River, Agra is one of the most visited destinations in the country. The city is noted for the greatest symbol of love, the Taj Mahal, which is also among the Seven Wonders of the World. This white marble mausoleum draws a large number of tourists to Agra. During their visit to this city with tour packages to India, globetrotters can also explore Fatehpur Sikri, Ram Bagh and Agra Fort, and other famous attractions located here.


Often referred to as paradise on earth, Kashmir is a jewel in the crown of India. The beauty of this scenic destination lies in alpine villages, snow-clad peaks, magnificent lakes, cascading waterfalls and aesthetic gardens. Some must-see attractions of Kashmir include Dal Lake, Shalimar Bagh and Apharwat Peak. A tour of Kashmir, during holidays in India, uncovers the majesty that nature has bestowed on the country.


Facing the Arabian Sea, Goa is the ultimate party destination for locals and international tourists alike. It is famous for its lively nightlife, exotic beaches, centuries-old cathedrals, cascading waterfalls and seafood. Millions of people visit Goa every year with tour packages to India to spend some languid days. Baga Beach, Candolim Beach, Aguada Fort, Dudhsagar Waterfall and Shree Shantadurga Temple are some of the most prominent attractions of the state.

A few days in the above-mentioned destinations will give travellers an insight into the rich diversity of India.

Discover Diversity and Serenity with Holiday Packages in India

Hill Resorts in Mussoorie

Hill Resorts in Mussoorie

India, a multicultural country, is one of the oldest in the world with an intriguing history and many mysterious tales. It can be a perfect holiday spot for people planning a fun getaway. The impact of the visit to the country does not get easily out of heart and mind of travellers. Its stunning scenery, lush beauty and remarkable terrain appeal hordes of tourists from all around the world. This place is an abode of most of the charming wonders, starting from snow-covered peaks of Himalayas and its mighty rivers to relaxing beaches and peaceful temples to architectural marvels of the past. Many holiday packages in India include visits to some of the finest tourist attractions ever known. This exotic country offers a unique gift to this whole world in the form of its shimmering coastline in Goa, hill resorts in Mussoorie, caves of Ajanta and Ellora, temples of Khajuraho and the dazzling jewel of love, Taj Mahal. Undoubtedly, India envelopes a great beauty, that attracts nature lovers from every corner of the globe.

The Goan Experience

Travellers, who prefer exotic and sunny beaches, must mull over availing Goa holiday packages. Goa – the smallest Indian state, with more than 100 kilometres of coastline, is famous because of its popular beaches. Some of them are Baga, Calangute, Anjuna and Colva. On tours to this destination, tourists get a complete Goan experience either by lounging on a sunny bed with cool drinks or by revelling themselves in the happening club parties. Its vibrant nightlife brightens up the scene after the stars take up the sky. The fun-filled night parties that go till dawn are one of the must-have experiences during the visit.

Goa has been recently added in the list of top 10 Nightlife Cities in the world by National Geographic. For getting in the Goan nightlife scene, party goers can explore Ingo Saturday Night Bazaar or Anjuna Wednesday Market. Apart from its sandy beaches and hippies night parties, there are ancient temples, ornate churches and serene cathedrals. It is also a haven for seafood lovers as its cuisine is an awesome blend of Portuguese and Konkan culinary styles. This party capital of India is thus a surreal beauty with lots of surprises to make vacations an unforgettable experience.

Paying Homage at the Historic Se Cathedral with Goa Tour Packages

Goa Tour Packages

Goa Tour Packages

An important place of interest to visit with Goa tour packages is Se Cathedral. This site was constructed by the Portuguese after they defeated the Muslims and captured the region. It is about 250-feet long and roughly 181-feet wide and its façade faces the east direction. Se Cathedral is constructed in the Tuscan style and is known for its unadorned exterior. The Corinthian columns in front of its main entrance stand on a raised platform, which carries an inscription related to the establishment of the site. Its ceiling has a barrel-vaulted structure, while the point where the arms of the church crucifix meet is a ribbed-vault.

On both sides of the nave are chapels and two of them have wooden screens, covered with small holes. Among them, the Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament with its gilded and decorated interiors contrasts the unadorned interior of the main church. The Chapel of the Cross of Miracles has a gilded altar, painted with scenes from the life of Saint Catherine. Statues of saints Francis Xavier and Ignatius Loyola decorate the pillars of the choir and beneath it a painting of Saint Christopher hangs. Here, visitors will also see a marble water container from 1532, used for baptism. To the right and left of the main entrance are four chapels each, dedicated to numerous saints.

Two pulpits project out from the columns inside the church and the main altar is flanked by three more on both sides. The arches above four of these altars are covered with paintings of incidents from the lives of saints. In niches inside the church, travellers will see sculptures of St. Peter and St. Paul and near the altar is a gallery that contains an 18th century organ. A throne for the Archbishop and seats of the canon are also here as is a beautifully carved ebony stand. The room where the ceremonial clothes of the priest are kept has a gilded altar beneath a barrel-vaulted ceiling. There were two bell-towers, flanking the cathedral, but one was destroyed and never rebuilt. Visiting this site as part of Mumbai Goa tour packages is also possible as Mumbai is well connected to the state via rail, road and air.

Five Quintessential Places to Visit with Holiday Packages in India

The Republic of India, also called Hindustan, India and Bharat, is one of the popular tourist destinations in the world. Diverse geography and varied culture of the country makes travelling here interesting. Here, tourists can see deserts of Rajasthan or walk through thick forests of valleys in Assam and Uttarakhand. In addition to this, they can have fun parties at beaches of Goa or opt for trekking the Himalayan peaks in the north. Deciding places to visit during a holiday to India demands a lot of research because of the plethora of options available. The list below can help travellers in deciding their itinerary during a visit to this multicultural nation.


Pir Panjal in the Inner Himalayan

Pir Panjal in the Inner Himalayan

The stunning beauty of Kashmir comprises snow-capped mountain peaks, colourful plants and vegetation in addition to orchards. This valley lying between the Pir Panjal and Great Himalayan mountain ranges is often referred as the heaven on the earth. Travellers can book holiday packages in India for any time to visit this region as weather remains pleasant here throughout the year. However, during winters, the charm of Kashmir increases manifold, increasing options for adventurous sports.


This place is ideal for people who love parties and adventurous sports. Located in the western part of the nation, this small state is fun centre of the country. Recreational activities and unbound amusement goes till late nights. There are more than 12 beaches at this place, and some of them are extremely calm.


To experience the royalty, Rajasthan is the best state to visit during the vacation trip. Palaces, forts and the vibrant culture of this region showcase a totally different picture of the nation. Old forts and palaces that have been converted into luxury hotels can be booked by travellers to get a royal treatment.


One of the smallest states of the country, Sikkim is dotted with many attractions to explore. People seeking for peace and a getaway from the hustle-bustle of daily life can opt for this place comprising monasteries, serene waterfalls and Himalayan peaks. Apart from these, there are hundreds of other interesting destinations that can be a part of the travel trip to this nation.

Beholding the Scenic Beauty of Waterfalls during Holidays to Sri Lanka and India

Sri Lanka is an island country situated in the northern region of the Indian Ocean. It is acknowledged for it breathtaking landscapes, comprising rapid river streams, beautiful mountains and serene beaches. This nation shares its maritime borders with the countries of Maldives and India – another land of natural wonders. Both the regions of India and Sri Lanka are considered among the most sought-after destinations of Asia. Tourists planning holidays to Sri Lanka and India can explore their natural bounties for a memorable vacation.

Diyaluma Falls

Diyaluma Falls in Sri Lanka

Diyaluma Falls in Sri Lanka

Diyaluma Falls, also known as Fall of Smoking Water, is located in the vicinity of Wellawaya in Sri Lanka. It cascades down from the Koslanda plateau from a height of over 200 metres and is among the highest waterfalls of the country. This torrent originates from the Mahakande Pass in Koslanda and collects its water from Poonagala Oya. There are a few pools over the main fall that are ideal for tourists who want to swim. Avid trekkers can also explore a number of hiking trails in the region and climb uphill.

The neighbouring country of India is also packed with such natural wonders that can be explored by nature lovers. People on a visit to Sri Lanka can extend their vacations and opt for tour packages in India to witness numerous natural attractions locate here.

Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Dudhsagar Falls in India

Dudhsagar Falls in India

Falling from an altitude of over 300 metres, Dudhsagar Waterfalls is among the highest ones in the nation. This four-tiered water torrent is located in the southern part of Goa, near the border of Karnataka. Its name has been derived from the fact that the rapid water stream creates white froths while cascading down (Dudhsagar – meaning Sea of Milk). This cataract overlooks a crescent shaped valley,  which is abode to a multitude of floral and faunal species. There are several trekking trails in the area that can be explored by adventure seekers.

Memorable Vacation on India and Sri Lanka Tours

The beautiful island country of Sri Lanka is located near the south-eastern tip of India and is entirely surrounded by the Indian Ocean. Owing to its natural beauty, serene beaches and verdant forests, the region is also known by the sobriquet – Pearl of the Indian Ocean. The country has been a dominion of Portuguese, Dutch and British empires in the bygone era. All these rulers made a significant contribution to the architecture of the region and created many important structures, which still stand strong and receive a large assemblage of tourists from all over the world. Vacationers planning for Sri Lanka tours can explore these attractions, which are situated in various cities and states of the country.

Galle Fort

Galle Fort- Srilanka

Galle Fort- Srilanka

Situated on the southern shoreline of the country along the bay of Galle, this fort is a major tourist attraction of the city of Galle. It was constructed by the Portuguese during the late 15th century and its fortification was done by the Dutch during the 17th century. When the fortress was occupied by the British, they erected several houses inside its premises along with a lighthouse on the bastion and a tower, which was constructed to commemorate the birthday of Queen Victoria. Galle Fort is considered to be an important archaeological and historical monument and has also been acknowledged as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. There are numerous attractions near the fort, such as National Maritime Museum and St Mary Cathedral that can be visited by tourists.

Goa- (India)

Goa- (India)

Similar colonial structures can be explored in several parts of India including Goa, Pondicherry and Mumbai. Tourists on a vacation to Sri Lanka can also holiday India and explore the famous edifices. Journey to India from Sri Lanka can be done either by sea or air, depending upon the suitability of the travellers.