The 2 Best Tourist Places in Kerala for Wildlife Viewing

Kerala – one of the two southernmost states of India – has a lot to offer when it comes to tourism. It has just about everything: ornate temples, historic forts, plush palaces, scenic mountains, tranquil lakes and relaxation-friendly beaches. A vibrant culture, inclusive of colourful and unique folk dances, and flavourful cuisine make its tourist appeal more effective. There are loads of tourist places in Kerala, and they are all easily accessible to visitors. Even the remotest sites, which are not connected by trains or flights, can be reached via a good web of roads.

Most of the remote places are in the Western Ghats, and are ideal to do some wildlife spotting. These spots are immersed in greenery and are relatively untouched by humans; hence animals thrive here in plenty. Travellers can look for South India tour packages, which will bring them to Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and Eravikulam National Park to see the regional biodiversity.

Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve

This biosphere reserve is spread across the states of Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Vegetation in this protected territory is classified as belonging to moist deciduous and montane rainforests of the Western Ghats, and dry deciduous forests of the Deccan Plateau. It is among the best tourist places in Kerala to see colours, as over 3300 kinds of flowering plants are found here, of which 132 are exclusive to the area. Similarly, eight among the 175 kinds of orchids recorded here are not found anywhere except the Western Ghats. Tigers, elephants and tahrs are the most prominent animals in the reserve.

Eravikulam National Park

To come to Eravikulam National Park with South India tour packages, visitors have to reach the Idukki district. The mean altitude of the park is about 6561 feet as it is situated in the Western Ghats. Anamudi, rising to over 8840 feet, is the highest point in this protected territory. The main vegetation types here are shrubs, shola grasslands and dense forests. Nilgiri tahrs are the most significant creatures seen here, along with gaurs, leopards, wild dogs, jackals, deer, mongooses, monkeys and jungle cats.

The two best tourist places in Kerala for wildlife viewing are also perfect to see a bountiful of plants and colourful flowers.