Holidays in Bhutan and India: A Fulfilling Himalayan Adventure

Himalayas, the ethereal abode of snow, have been fascinating the world since centuries. Some of the highest mountain pinnacles of the world are present in these mountain ranges. Covering a vast geographical expanse across five countries of the Asiatic continent, the Himalayas have a great impact on its topography, culture and climate. Associated with several ancient legends and lores, these mountains are considered sacred as per various religions of Asia, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism and Islam. Two countries that have the largest portion of these snowy peaks under their territory are Bhutan and India. Bhutan, lying on the southern slope of Eastern Himalayas, serves as a perfect holiday destination. Holidays in Bhutan are focussed on adventure tourism, which includes trekking trails to the Himalayan region.

Hiking and trekking are the main activities that make Bhutan a favourite haunt of adventure seekers. Druk Path, Jomolhari Laya Gasa, Nabji Korphu and Merak Sakteng are the most popular trekking trails in the country. Passing through undulating and rugged mountainous paths, these routes cover several interesting destinations on the way. Lofty peaks, glacial valleys and rare flora await visitors who traverse the unique terrains of this region. A cultural trek of the Bumthang Valley acquaints tourists with the lifestyle and customs of this landlocked country.

When it comes to experiencing adventure in Himalayas, India must be a part of the tour itinerary. There are several trek routes, trails and hiking destinations in the country, which take tourists closer to these soaring mountains. Originating from Sikkim, Ladakh, Assam, Kedarnath and several other regions that lie in the vicinity of Himalayas, these treks promise a fulfilling and thrilling experience. Adventure Holidays India can be planned by visiting various travel websites, which provide complete information about these hiking and trekking destinations. So, if your are planning an adventure tour in the upcoming vacation season, then nothing can beat a trip to these amazing countries.