3 Dishes to Take Back Home after Sri Lanka Holiday Tours

People have been going on Sri Lanka holiday tours for a number of reasons. One of the primary aspects that draw travellers is its treasure chest of palm-lined and sand-covered beaches. Apart from just relaxing on them, visitors can also try numerous adventure sports like swimming, surfing and diving. The ancient and medieval stupas, city ruins and castles here are renowned all over the world as are the Hindu and Buddhist temples and festivals. One of the ways to make memories while visiting all these is trying local dishes, taking the recipes and cooking them back home. Here are three essential local delicacies that tourists can have and treat their loved ones to, after returning.

Ambul Thiyal

Among the most loved dishes to try on Sri Lanka vacation tours, Ambul Thiyal is a spicy fish curry, generally made with mackerel or tuna. It is quite simple to cook; dry ingredients like chillies and individual spices, and tamarind are ground and the protein is cut. Everything is put into an earthen pot with water, and then cooked. As the recipe does not call for any oil, even the health conscious can enjoy it.


When walking on the streets here, people will find numerous street-side stalls, selling Kottu. A popular fast food delicacy, conceived to deal with leftovers, it is a complete meal in itself as it comprises a flatbread, vegetables or meat, and sauce. The roti is mostly prepared beforehand, and when ordered, is cut, using metal spatulas. Then, all the components are placed on an iron girdle, combined and smeared with soy or Worcestershire Sauce. Eggs are also used in the preparation, but those who do not eat it can make the dish without them.

Pol Sambol

If travellers opt for a traditional meal during their Sri Lanka holiday tours, the food may be accompanied with Pol Sambol. The primary ingredient of this side dish is coconuts that the country has no dearth of. After being grated finely, the coconut is put in a ceramic bowl. Then, sliced red onions, red chilli powder or whole chillies, dried, salt and lime juice are added. If possible, then sea salt can be used for its unique flavour, and fish can be added to give it another dimension.
After having the three above-mentioned dishes during their Sri Lanka vacation tours, travellers can cook them and keep the memories of their holiday alive.


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