5 Must-experience Indian Train Journeys

Indian Railways, in collaboration with various state governments, operates many luxury trains in India. Aimed to promote tourism in the country, these offer a taste of Indian culture and hospitality to passengers. The trains are designed precisely and special attention is given to even the smallest things offered. It is one of the reasons, responsible for the hefty price of the tickets. These have pre-planned itineraries, thus cover all the cities of the country. Below is the information of 5 such carriers that can help travellers during Indian trains journeys.

Royal Rajasthan on Wheels

It is an eight-day itinerary, which includes sightseeing in Delhi, Rajasthan, Khajuraho, Varanasi and Agra. As it aims to take travellers on most of the erstwhile princely states of India, so the interiors and cabin are designed to give a feel of royal palaces and havelis. Travellers can relish Indian and continental delicacies in the train. After an insightful and tiring sightseeing day, passengers can take on-board spa therapies.

Palace on Wheels

It is also an eight-day luxury train tour package, which takes travellers on an unforgettable journey of Delhi, Agra and different parts of Rajasthan. The décor of this carrier is a reminiscence of the bygone era of jewel-studded maharajas and Rajput warriors. There are 14 air-conditioned deluxe coaches in the train and each of them is named on different provinces of Rajasthan.

Maharajas Express

This eight-day fascinating train journey is focused to take its guests to the many insightful attractions of Mumbai, Delhi and various historical destinations of Rajasthan. The train offers five pan-Indian itineraries, including golden triangle tour packages. The carrier has 14 guest carriages with the private attendant facility, which can accommodate 84 passengers.

The Golden Chariot

This train journey is focused on the luring destinations of the south-western part of the country. With this, travellers visit the sun-kissed beaches, world heritage sites, wildlife parks and sacred temples of Bangalore and Goa. The interiors of the carrier are inspired by the Mysore and Hoysala tradition of architecture.

The Deccan Odyssey

The train emphasises especially on the sightseeing of Maharashtra and Goa. It offers a wholesome experience of the royalty of the erstwhile Maratha kings.

Embark on any of these luxurious Indian train journeys and take a closer insight into the history and culture of the country.


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