4 Fascinating Destinations to Explore during Cheap Holidays in India

Be it a weekend getaway or a few days in solace, India offers an array of enthralling attractions that turn monotonous moments into a fun-filled experience. If travellers are looking to sightsee within budget and still wish to roam around in the mesmerising aura of the nation, then they can avail tour packages, online. During cheap holidays in India, visitors can freely explore some tourist gems with enthusiasm that would not make a hole in their pocket. Following are some intriguing sites to throng when on a trip to India:

The Exquisite Kasol

While searching for soothing holiday destinations in India, travellers will come across a natural setting, situated in the state of Himachal Pradesh. A paradise for nature enthusiasts, Kasol is located on the banks of the Parvati River and is surrounded by snow-clad mountain ranges. This hill station is also known as Mini Israel due to a large population of Israelis living here. Numerous low-cost guesthouses are located here, and its shops, cafes and restaurants always bustle with people, making tourism the driving force behind its budding economy.

Jaisalmer and its Vibrancy

A land of gleaming yellow sandstone buildings, Jaisalmer is aptly called the Golden City. Replete with royalty and a rich culture, the picturesque landscape of Jaisalmer enchants tourists with its colourful festivals and attractive villages. Located right in the Thar Desert, this vibrant UNESCO World Heritage Site offers camel safaris, wherein people can enjoy bashing through the sand dunes.

An Abode to Spirituality: Varanasi

During cheap holidays in India, travellers can delve into a world of spiritual peace at the sacred ghats of Varanasi. Budding in colourful hues, this divine place boasts its rich heritage through extravagant cultural fairs. Globetrotters can sit by the Ganga Ghats and get enchanted by a splendid sunrise as well as sunset. It is also believed that taking a dip in the holy waters of river Ganga relieves the sins of all.

The Backwaters of Alleppey

Situated in Kerala, Alleppey, also known as Alappuzha, is famed as the Venice of the East due to its backwaters. With numerous houseboats, canals, palm-fringed channels, and villages bordered by pristine waters, Alleppey is undoubtedly heaven on Earth. The lush surroundings of this district mark a special place in the list of the top holiday destinations in India.

These four destinations are ideal to witness a myriad of alluring sights and cultures without having to spend too much.


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