3 Must-Do Things while on Sri Lanka Tour Packages from India

Surrounded by the sparkling waters of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is on the wish list of many. The island country boasts pristine beaches, misty mountains, rich cultural heritage, magnificent waterfalls, lush tea estates, diverse wildlife and many shrines. Sri Lanka tour packages from India provides an array of holiday experiences, from relaxing on sun-kissed beaches and adventurous wildlife tours to exploring archaeological sites and paying homage at temples. Every year, hordes of tourists come to experience different aspects of this country. For a memorable experience, here is the list of three must-do things in Sri Lanka:

Rejuvenate with Ayurvedic Spa

Sri Lanka has been a centre of physical and spiritual healing for thousands of years. It has numerous Ayurveda centres that provide therapeutic massages along with Eastern and Western therapies. Ayurvedic programmes consist of herbal treatments, massages and revitalisation techniques, such as meditation, yoga and special diets. However, Eastern and Western therapies include Thai massages, herbal baths, and hydrotherapy and reflexology treatments. Travellers on a package tour to Sri Lanka must utilise their leisure time with these relaxing therapies.

Try a Few Adventure Sports

With almost 1600 km of coastline, Sri Lanka is an ideal destination for adventure activities like surfing, waterskiing, snorkelling, banana boating and many more. This island nation also offers infinite scuba diving opportunities, and many domestic and foreign PADI-qualified instructors offer related courses here. Tourists can admire the fascinating diversity of landscapes while enjoying a hot-air balloon ride. Sri Lanka tour packages from India also allow tourists to enjoy skin diving, wreck diving, paragliding, rock climbing, and infinite other sports offered here.

Savour Delectable Sri Lankan Food

An essential thing to do while on a trip to Sri Lanka is to relish the delicious local fare. The country is known for its snacks, such as maalu pan (fish buns), hoppers (a pancake-like snack) and pittu (a dish made from coconut and flour). The seafood of Sri Lanka is also famous all over the world and people spending their holidays here must try prawns and crabs. The delectable local food is something tourists should not miss on their package tour to Sri Lanka.

Trying these three things during a vacation, are sure to make a Sri Lankan experience delightful and memorable.


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