3 Things to Do with Holiday Packages to Sri Lanka

The mesmeric evening sky, azure waters of the Indian Ocean, and milky white waterfalls, trickling down the mountains, create a perfect feeling for nature lovers in Sri Lanka. Apart from exploring nature, numerous other destinations can be visit and things done with holiday packages to Sri Lanka. Here are three incredible experiences that will make a vacation to this island country a lifetime memory.

Embarking on a Train Sojourn

Taking a train ride in the nation to explore the beauty of nature is an experience worth having. Passengers can open the window and feel the cool breeze, kissing their face. A journey through mist and light shower would make them feel refreshed and rejuvenated. The charm of such venture lies in going through mountain tunnels and past tea plantations, and looking at the little brooks flowing through, pine forests and lush valleys. The amalgamation of peace and ethereal panorama of the route provides people enough reasons to go sightseeing in Sri Lanka.

Exploring the Lankan Culture

The country has a huge set of historical legends and traditions in store. Travellers can go into the depths of its history by looking at the ruins of Anuradhapura, Sigiriya and Polonnaruwa and exploring Kandy. Globetrotters can also get an insight into the country by indulging in its music, dance and visual arts. The nation is a blend of Buddhist and Hindu cultures with a tinge of Portuguese, Dutch and British influences. Quite rich in terms of cultural diversity, this island attracts a lot of visitors throughout the year, who wish to take a sneak peek into this aspect.

Watching Whales and Dolphins

Those, who are tired of wandering through the forests and climbing rolling hills, can do a lot of different things. They can watch the adorable dolphins and enjoy their playful antics. People can also spot the royal blue whales that will leave them completely awestruck by their effortless skills of gliding past boats. There are a number of destinations like Kalpitiya and Dondra Point, where tourists can spot these animals.

Having these three experiences with holiday packages to Sri Lanka will make unforgettable memories and create innumerable stories to tell.


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