3 Interesting Things to Do during Holiday in Delhi

The essence of Delhi lies in its street food stalls, Mughal opulence, colonial erudition, and discotheques and theme restaurants. But, this is not all that can be explored and experienced while on a holiday in Delhi. This happening city has a lot of offbeat places that are less known, but in no way less interesting. Delhi had been the centre of the Mughal rule for more than two centuries, and thus has a lot of historical monuments and heritage sites, displaying the Mughal grandeur. Sightseeing in this city is not restricted to the cliché Qutb Minar, Red Fort, Lotus Temple and Jama Masjid. There is much more to see and do in the depths of the city with Delhi holiday packages.

A Stroll through Historical Gardens

For peace lovers and admirers of nature, who wish to spend a quiet holiday in Delhi, the historical gardens are perfect places. There are numerous such gardens here that not only offer serenity, but also scenic environs. Mughal Gardens, Lodhi Gardens and Rose Gardens are some of the most famous green spaces in the Indian capital. Tourists can go for a walk on the pavements and explore the tranquillity, prevailing in these spots.

Remembering the Rebellion

The Indian capital has seen decades of tyranny and mutiny and still carries the remnants of the gruesome period. People can take a stride in the area of Kashmiri Gate to be able to get an insight into the vestiges of the war-ridden era. Other places that have preserved the turbulent time within them are the Mutiny Memorial, where a list of martyrs is displayed; Khooni Darwaza (Bloody Gate), Khooni Jheel (Bloody Lake) and Coronation Park.

Exploring the Mystery of Eerie Places

The metropolis also houses many places, which are said to be haunted, thus seeming eerie to many. Forested areas and the old mansions have many mysteries, associated with them. Numerous Delhi holiday packages take tourists on a trip to such spots. Some of them are Sanjay Van, Malcha Mahal and Khooni Jheel.

By doing the above-mentioned things, travellers will not only enjoy their holidays in the city, but also get a new insight into its culture and charm.


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