Experiencing Thrill with Sri Lanka Holiday Package

The legendary adventurer Marco Polo defined Sri Lanka as one of the best island nations of its size. Located in the south of India, this country looks like a drop of emerald amidst blue waters. Within such small physical boundaries, the diversity of natural environ here simply amazes you. From the 5th century citadel – Singriya – ancient Buddhist ruins to palm-fringed shores and sacred city of Anuradhapur, it is a perfect place for people seeking for variety in a holiday package.

Though the identity of this island nation mostly includes the glories of the early Buddhist civilisation, its importance in trade and commerce in those days cannot be undermined. This is the reason that the culture of this country is influenced by Arabs, British, Asians, Dutch and Portuguese lifestyles. With Sri Lanka holidays package, you can spot many architectural marvels representing styles belonging to these ethnicities. So, this is a perfect place for art and history lovers. Apart from this, it also does not disappoint adventure seekers as they can indulge in plethora of water sports and other adrenalin rushing activities here.


From the depths of the ocean to the top of the mountain peaks, varying geography packed in this small island offers a number of options for adventurous activities. You can opt for scuba diving or surfing to witness the wonders of nature. Vibrant fishes swimming around coral gardens and ancient wrecks are a sight to capture while exploring the rugged beauty of this place with holiday package in Sri Lanka. Though surfing is a relatively new sport, there is plethora of opportunities in the eastern and southern coasts. You can indulge in some marine game fishing in the sea around Sri Lanka or try rafting, canoeing or kayaking to feel the adrenaline rush.

Apart from water sports, expanding mountains here, quaint villages and lush green forests are an ideal choice to try trekking, hiking or trail blazing. However, if you are not an adventure fanatic, spending some time in the serene environ of waterfalls is also an option.


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