2 Best Trek Routes to Explore with Nepal Tour Packages

The landlocked country of Nepal is among the most visited tourist places in South Asia. Majorly covered by the majestic Himalayan Range, the country offers some of the best trails and routes for trekking. Apart from Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world, Nepal also has trekking routes in the areas of Langtang National Park and Annapurna. Therefore, visiting these destinations with your Nepal tour packages will give you an opportunity to explore the beauty and serenity of the Himalayan Mountains.

Langtang National Park – The Walk-in Trek

Exceeding the altitude of 21160 feet at its highest point, Langtang National Park is located to the north of the Kathmandu Valley. Pine woods, alpine bushes, sloping landscapes, snow-clad peaks and sub-alpine junipers characterise the setting o this Himalayan national park. As you trek on its pathways with the help of local Sherpas, you will be mesmerised by the breathtaking views of clouds, blanketing the lower valley. You will also come across a playful lot of grey langur monkeys that lure many nature lovers with their antics. Home to the Himalayan monal or Impeyan pheasant, this park also attracts many birdwatchers and photographers. After you have spent some time in the valley, you can take the trail to places like Helambu and Gosainkund that lie in the Langtang area.

Annapurna – The Himalayan Wonder

A conserved area, the Annapurna Circuit is known for being the favourite trekking route of many professional mountaineers. Clustered by a series of peaks, this is located in the central part of the Himalayan Range in the country. Included in many cheap holiday packages for Nepal, this trek is considered as a prelude to Mount Everest. You can choose between Annapurna I at over 26400 feet or other peaks that have an altitude of approximately 23000 feet. The snow-capped hillocks and slopes in the region will offer you a memorable experience. The trek starts near the city of Pokhara, where you can find many rental shops for mountaineering equipment. You can trek independently if you are a trained climber; however, it is better to be a part of an organised group.

If you are planning an adventurous trip, then you can check the availability of these two treks in Nepal tour packages, offered by many online travel agencies.


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