3 Must-visit Cities With Sri Lanka Tour Packages

Located near the southernmost tip of India, Sri Lanka has a reputation of being the Pearl of the Indian Ocean. With Sri Lanka tour packages, you can understand why the country has been bestowed with such a title. With unspoilt beaches, lush forests in mountainous terrain, vibrant wildlife, ancient temples and tropical lifestyle, Sri Lanka is a famous destination among people travelling to South Asia. Despite being flocked by thousands of tourists every year, the natural splendours, heritage sites and culture is well preserved. It is one place that boasts of an abundance of things to see and do in a significantly small area. Sri Lanka tour operators provide a number of packages to best explore the fascinating culture and history of this island nation.

Although it is a small nation, travelling to all the places in the country can be really exhausting. So, it is advisable to visit some of the most popular and important places like Colombo, Bentota and Kandy with Sri Lanka tour packages.


Colombo, the largest and capital city of Sri Lanka, is an amazing place to start the tour of the country. It serves as a gateway for people travelling to the southern beaches, but over the years it has become a famous tourist destination in itself. With its history of the colonial rule, it is filled with landmark sites. Sri Lanka tour operators provide various sightseeing tours of such sites. The colonial architecture is perhaps the most attractive feature of this city. The geography of Colombo is a mixture of land and backwaters. At the centre of the city lies Beira Lake that used to defend the city from foreign attacks in the past.


Once you have spent enough time in the capital of Sri Lanka, having witnessed the architectural marvels and the bustling city life, you may feel like relaxing on a quiet, sandy beach. For such an activity, Bentota is an ideal place. Located approximately 65 km south of Colombo, it features pristine golden sand beaches where you can indulge in sunbathing or go for a brief swim in the crystal-clear waters. For a spiritual experience, travel a little away from the beach and visit some of the temples or verdant gardens.


Located approximately 115 km from the capital is Kandy, also known as the Hill Country due to its mountainous terrain. Surrounded by the lush mountains and featuring a lake, it is a picturesque city. It served as the capital of last Sinhalese Kingdom and the highlight of Kandy is Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic, which is a perfect place to learn about the history of Buddhism in Sri Lanka.


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