Exploring the Historical Sites on Holidays to Sri Lanka

Lying in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is an island nation. The appeal of this country lies in its varied geography that make for breathtaking landscapes. Whether looking forward to hiking in lush Sri Lankan forests, trekking the rugged mountain peaks or lazing on beaches, holidays to Sri Lanka can be a perfect idea. History buffs can explore the ancient Buddhist ruins here that include the city of Anuradhapura and citadel Sigiriya. Here is a list of three such attractions in the country that reflect rich religious and historical stories. If places like these interest you, do not miss the opportunity to explore these attractions during holidays in Sri Lanka.

Temple of The Tooth Relic

Located in the scenic town of Kandy, this temple can be easily called as the centre of religion and politics. In the ancient times, the possession of this tooth relic gave the rights to govern the country. This is the region that it has been well guarded since ages. A number of religious rituals are performed by monks that includes bathing the sacred relic in herbs and flowers. A visit to this place gives an insight into the spiritual and political history of the country. Besides, it is an equally interesting place for art lovers, who can admire the mesmerising Kandyan architectural style.

Sigiriya Rock Fortress

Owing to the immense scenic beauty, it made its way to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. This rock fortress, situated above the central plains, was built in the 5th century. Here, you can see some of the finest examples of the garden landscaping. In addition to this, water and terraced gardens add to the charm of this place. You can enjoy a leisurely walk in the gardens here and marvel at the ingenuity of the erstwhile artisans.


Anuradhapura served as the capital of the North Central Province. Today it is the city of ruins that houses a plethora of surprises for history enthusiasts on their holidays to Sri Lanka. You can walk through this well-planned city and see the one majestic royal palace, stupas and temples. To learn more about the culture of this place, you can visit Anuradhapura Folk Museum, which exhibits items used by the folk community in the Nuwara-Kalaviya area.


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