3 Things to Experience during Bhutan Tours

Officially known as the Kingdom of Bhutan, this small country has a large number of things to be explored. This Himalayan kingdom has a mystery and magic to unveil, making Bhutan tours an adventure in itself. The country is rich in heritage; its culture, cuisine, and arts and crafts make it distinct from others, thereby attracting tourists from around the world. Bhutan tour packages help people explore the best of this country, including the three above-mentioned aspects.

Arts and Crafts

The artistic tradition of this country has its roots in Buddhism. Almost all the representations of arts run along the theme of the struggle between good and evil. An alluring blend of Tibetan, Indian and Chinese traditional styles, represented in a country setting, makes Bhutanese art highly symbolic. During Bhutan tours, it can be best witnessed in monastic centres that are highly decorative. Paintings and sculptures are made by groups of artists, reflecting a work of faith. These artists are trained in special workshops, administered by monks. The traditional arts and crafts have been categorised into 13 forms from the reign of Gyalse Tenzin Rabgye and have been practised from time immemorial.


Bhutan is a country, small in size yet profound in culture. From dresses and festivals to food and its traditions, the distinctness of the country attracts a lot of tourists. Their dresses and unique garments have evolved over thousands of years. However, tribal and semi-nomadic people still can be seen carrying the traditional dresses. Interestingly, the dresses and colours worn by people signify their status and rank. Moreover, the colourful and religious festivals celebrated by the people of this nation are equally interesting that would make visitors relate with the natives. Here, every village is known for its unique festival, among which the most widely known is the annual Tshechu. During these lively and high-spirited religious celebrations, people share meals of spicy pork, red rice, ema datshi and momos, along with the traditional rice wine, known as Ara.


Food is the love of life and when visiting a new place, the local dishes cannot be left untasted. Bhutan offers a variety of lip-smacking delicacies that would enrich the taste buds of tourists. Spiciness characterises Bhutanese cuisine; chillies are an essential part of almost every local dish. However, the traditional eating habits of the local people are simple; food, in general, is eaten with hands, sitting on the floor after a short prayer. If Bhutan tour packages are being availed during the time of a local festival, then a myriad culinary delights may be sampled.

These are the three aspects of the kingdom to indulge in when on a trip.


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