3 Things to Explore with Sri Lanka Holiday Packages

Situated in the Indian Ocean to the south of Indian peninsula, Sri Lanka is a land of fabulous beaches, affectionate people, vibrant wildlife and mouth-watering cuisine. This small island nation has a total of eight UNESCO-listed heritage sites that boasts of its vast cultural inheritance and natural magnificence. While several Sri Lanka holiday packages allow tourists to explore different aspects of this country, the following are three things that they must do.

Try the Local Cuisine

No Sri Lanka holiday is complete without feasting on hot, spicy curries and gulping down flavoursome sweets. While rice and curry are the staple diet for the islanders, they use coconut milk, cinnamon, garlic and chillies to give a unique flavour to their delicacies. Travellers can have an experience of their lifetime while relishing these dishes at fine diners or streets of this country.

Visit the Enchanting Beaches

A coastline of over 1300 km blesses Sri Lanka with some of the most magnificent beaches in the world. White sandy lands washed by turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, bordered by thick vegetation of palm trees, these sites are truly a treat for the senses. While tourists can find exciting beaches in almost all corners of the island, they can also indulge in numerous water-based activities at certain locations. These recreational activities are so popular here, that tourists often look for the Sri Lanka holiday packages that include marine sports in their itinerary.

Explore the Heritage Sites

With its documented history spanning over thousands of years, Sri Lanka has been ruled by different dynasties in different times. All these kingdoms left a distinct mark on this nation, seen in the form of its various heritage sites. From the ancient cities of Polonnaruwa and Sigiriya, to Golden Temple of Dambulla, the city has so many sites that define its past. With a visit to the sacred city of Kandy, tourists can learn about the glorious Dinahala culture. This is also the site of the famed Temple of the Tooth Relic, a well-known pilgrimage site.

These are a few things that a tourist can explore on his/her Sri Lanka holiday to make it a completely memorable and delightful affair.


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