2 Major Places to Explore on Sri Lanka Holiday

Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, is a tiny island nation to the south of India, surrounded by the Indian Ocean. This rugged land of rainforests, endless beaches and diverse wildlife has been attracting a multitude of tourists from around the world. Travellers for a change can visit its historic places on their Sri Lanka holidays. Famed for its Buddhist ruins, royal palaces and intricate frescoes, this country offers a lot for visitors to enjoy. Tourists would get to discover a lot on their tour to Sri Lanka, where reflections of its history can be experienced in various parts. Here are the major two attractions, which are different from the usually visited ones, making the trip more memorable:




Sigiriya, situated in the heart of the Matale district, is a small ancient city that attracts a huge number of globetrotters on tour to Sri Lanka. Known for its 200-meter high massive rocky plateau, which was formed from the magma of an extinct volcano, it holds one of the most treasured historical monuments of the country, the Sigiriya Fortress. This UNESCO World Heritage Site also has remnants of ruined palace, surrounded by vast gardens, canals, ponds and fountains. The main entrance to the fortress is from a magnificent brick lion that emerges in a series of staircases and galleries. This is how it got the name – Sigiriya, which literally translates into Lion Rock. Walls on the western side of this cave fort is entirely covered by elegant frescoes that have withstood the ravages of time.

Adams Peak

Located in Ratnapura, 94 km from Colombo, Adams Peak is one of the most important pilgrimage sites of the country. The devotees of distinct religions, climb to the cliff, to invoke blessings. Buddhists believe that the impression found on the peak is the footprint of Lord Buddha, Hindus take it as for Lord Shiva and Islamic as of Adam. Also known as Sri Pada, it is considered among the highest peaks of the country and takes around 4-5 hours for pilgrims to reach there. The pilgrimage season here starts from December to April.

These two major points of interest are a must visit on Sri Lanka holidays that tourists would cherish for long.


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