3 Places to Explore with All Inclusive Sri Lanka Holidays

Nestled in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is a small tropical island, famous for amazing wildlife and religious background. The country has a coastline of around 1300 km, and is adorned with some of the most peaceful beaches of the world. Owing to its popularity among tourists, attractions like Sri Pada, Anuradhapura and Yala National Park have become a prominent part of the all inclusive Sri Lanka holidays. In addition to this, there are a number of other attractions that can be visited by people. Travellers visiting this incredible country often return overwhelmed and enthralled, that results in increased popularity of Sri Lanka tour packages. Following are some places that every tourist should not be missed by travellers while exploring this spectacular nation.

Sri Pada

Sri Pada in Srilanka

Sri Pada in Srilanka

Though it is not the highest mountain peak in the country, Sri Pada is without a doubt, the most sought-after one. The site also holds great religious significance for people of different religions. At the top of this hill, there is a footprint, which Hindus and Buddhists believe belongs to Lord Shiva and Buddha, respectively. During the pilgrim season, hordes of devotees climb this mountain peak to pay homage to this sacred footmark. According to the legends, Adam, after being suspended from Paradise, fell on top of this mountain and stood on one foot for a thousand years in penance. Hence, Christianity followers believe that it belongs to Adam.


This divine place was established after a piece of the enlightenment tree of Buddha was brought here in the 3rd century BC. The city had to be abandoned after the Cholas invaded Sri Lanka in the late 10th century. Though most of the monuments of this city were restored later, but it could never recover the status of the capital of the namesake kingdom. This site has now become a well-known attraction of the country, and a popular site that travellers love to explore with Sri Lanka tour packages.

Yala National Park

Sri Lanka is renowned as one of the eight hottest hotspots for biological diversity, and is considered an ideal place to go for a wildlife safari. Covering an area of almost 980 sq km, the site is situated at the south-eastern tip of this island. Home to over 215 species of the resident and migratory birds, this park has is a preferred destination among birdwatchers. Leopards, sloth bears, elephants, jackals, spotted deer and crocodiles are some of the creatures that can be seen in this protected territory.

Though there are several places to explore in this vibrant country, these aforementioned sites have become some of the most sought-after ones with all inclusive Sri Lanka holidays.


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