3 Things to Explore with Holiday Packages to India

Wedged between the Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea, the southern part of India attracts hordes of tourists from all around the world. Several holiday packages are centred around the various aspects that can be explored and experienced in the region. Hundreds of kilometres of coastline, multiple mountain ranges and ancient temples charm the area. The following are some aspects that tourists can explore here:


Travellers have always been fascinated by the culture of South India, and what better way to experience this rich heritage than attending the local festivals. India is a land of festivities, and this region is no exception. Onam in Kerala, Pongal in Tamil Nadu and Ugadi in Karnataka are all celebrated with great joy and glee. Tourists can avail those South India tour packages that include attending these celebrations in their itinerary. While Onam is a harvest festival celebrated to welcome the mythical King Mahabali, Pongal is a four-day event equivalent of Thanksgiving. Ugadi falls on the first day of the month of Chaitra when the Hindu New Year starts.


The diverse landscape of the region is another thing that draws hordes of tourists here. Lush forests, massive mountain ranges and several rivers characterise the geography of the region. Backwaters and peaceful beaches are another point of interest that travellers may visit for a fun outing with their family or friends. Because of the varied landscape, a number of adventurous activities can be enjoyed while exploring it. Trekking in the Western Ghats, water sports in Tamil Nadu and wildlife safaris in Karnataka are some thrilling engagements that globetrotters can participate in.


While the landscape is restricted to a region, cuisine sees no boundaries. South Indian delicacies have reached and impressed people in all parts of the world. Though rice is the staple food in all five states, people combine it with their own local ingredients and make it a special dish. Dosa is something that not only the locals, but people from the rest of the country also love and relish on a regular basis. International visitors also love the local dishes as they get to savour the spiciness of Indian food without being too harsh on their stomach. Visiting Andhra Pradesh with holiday packages allows holidaymakers to savour some popular non-vegetarian dishes, which include kormas, biryanis and grilled kebabs.

By availing South India tour packages, travellers can explore and experience the aforementioned three aspects.


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