Seeking the Wild with Sri Lanka Holidays

At least once in their lives, people should go on Sri Lanka holidays. While the arched palm trees caressing the waves that lap against the expansive waterfront, the sunlight dances on the grounds of its exotic forests and the sight is enchanting. What makes for Sri Lanka holiday package, is a trip in the dense and enticing wild. Without further ado, check out the amazing natural bounty available in the pristine land of Ceylon.

Kumana National Park

Kumana National Park Sri Lanka

Kumana National Park Sri Lanka

A must visit with Sri Lanka holidays, the Kumana National Park is a natural habitat with several water pools in its enclosure that are favourite spots of wildlife. At Kumana National Park, there are a large number of rare wetland species, including the Green Turtle, Loggerhead Turtle, Olive Ridley Turtle, Indian Flap-shelled Turtle, and the Indian Black Turtle. The park is also the home of the globally vulnerable Mugger Crocodile.

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

The aim of Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage is to simulate the natural habitat of the mighty descendants of Mammoths. For maintaining their well-being, the elephants are taken to the river twice in a day for a bath, and all their calves are bottle fed by their caretakers and volunteers. Maintaining a healthy diet, elephants are also provided with about 76 kg of green matter and around 2 kg food of rice bran and maize every day. The orphanage is very popular and consequently receives an amazing footfall every year.

Dehiwala Zoological Garden

One of the oldest Zoos in Asia and often included in the cheap Sri Lanka holidays, the Dehiwala Zoological Garden is home for aboriginal as well as exotic wildlife. The Zoo exchanges a particular section of its animals with other animals from international Zoos in order to diversify its animals and acquaint visitors with the wildlife of the world. In the zoo premises, there is an aquarium walk through aviary, reptile house and a small, yet beautiful butterfly garden, complete with small shrubs, trees and climbers.

Minneriya National Park

Minneriya National Park a natural reserve nestled in the heart of Sri Lanka. The area was originally declared as a wildlife sanctuary in 1938, and later declared as a national park in 1997. The reason for declaring the area as protected was the drainage basement of Minneriya Tank, which is of historical importance, since it was built by King Mahasen in 3rd century AD.


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