Exploring Tranquillity with Nepal Packages

Sharing its borders with India and China, Nepal is a wonderland at the summit of the great Himalayas. The country is dotted with amazing tourist attractions and can be explored by booking Nepal packages. It is often referred as the roof of the world as eight out of the ten highest peaks are found here. This makes for its spectacular natural scenery and is breathtakingly enchanting. Here are some important locations that travellers can explore with Nepal holiday packages.


Kathmandu is the largest and the capital city of Nepal. Situated in a valley in the heart of Nepal, this city houses seven large complexes with thousands of years old Hindu and Buddhist temples. In every temple one can find numerous temples, built by various dynasties and monarchies that ruled the land of Nepal. Many buildings that make for tourist attractions of Nepal were built in the 16th century.


Annapurna is a massif and a nature conservation area, featuring an eminent track to cover for professional climbers. Annapurna I is the highest peak that reaches to a height of about 8000 metres and is ringed with sister peaks that are about 7000 metres high. All these peaks are usually covered with snow throughout the year. To enjoy mesmerising scenic views of the surroundings from this place, travellers can make sure that it is included in their Nepal packages.


How would one reach to Annapurna? Through Pokhara, the neighbouring city of Kathmandu and the base camp of Annapurna ascent. Pokhara offers trekking tour which generally includes around 25 days of travel. The city is also famous for its three stunning lakes. One of them is the Phewa Lake – a serene beauty with views of the snow-covered Himalayas in the backdrop.

Chitwan National Park

Holidays with Nepal holiday packages are incomplete without safaris in Chitwan National Park. Located in the southern wing of Nepal, the warm weather of the area is a warm respite from chilly winds of snow-capped mountains. Tourists have mentioned spotting monkeys, deer, rhinos and a large variety of bird-life. In addition to thin, a few lucky ones also got the chance to see a royal Bengal tiger in its natural habitat. Leopards and sloth bears are not an uncommon encounter, either.

Gokyo Lakes

A tranquil path trail, the Gokyo Lakes hike is one of the most enthralling options for adventure seekers. This less taken trail offers scenic views of the breath-taking Mt. Everest in its background and within its premises are dazzling lakes which are an amazing sight from camp sites.


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