4 Things to Remember during a Holiday Trip in India

Touring India can be much more than the commonly prevailed experience of snake charming and elephant rides. It is a melange of dim-lit caves, sepia monuments, modern art museums, serene beaches, snow-capped hill stations, multi-cuisine restaurants, chaotically by-lanes filled with tantalising aroma of spices and much more. A holiday trip in India unknowingly expands to become a vacation and that is what it takes to explore this country, which is massive both in terms of culture and geography. In order to avoid any hassle, keep in mind the below four points while on a vacation to this splendid nation.

Set a Plan

India is a vast country and by no means tourists can explore it completely in one itinerary. It is advisable to carefully plan a tour before heading for a trip to India. Set an itinerary putting in it the purpose of visit and the places to be covered.


Your holiday trip in India can leave a sour taste if travelling in extreme weather conditions. It is advisable to carry a cotton scarf, high-quality sunscreen lotion and sunglasses to keep those harmful UV rays at bay. If spending holidays in a picturesque, snow-capped hill resort is what is on mind then do not miss out on carrying warm clothes and thermos flask.

Dress Modestly

The first thing to keep in mind when on a trip to India is to dress simply and soberly. Cover your head when entering places high on religious significance. There are certain codes of conduct that are expected to be followed, make sure of them before leaving for a certain place.

Honks and Blares

It can get a bit noisy here with the unexpected traffic jams that leads to horns and honking. While the morning starts with chirping birds, evenings are filled with enchanting ringing of temple bells in townships and resonating sounds of vehicles in cities.

India is an incredible destination for tourists with eclectic interests and with a few smart tips it becomes easier to experience the diversity of this exotic land.


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