Exploring 5 Enchanting Attractions with Sri Lanka Holiday Packages

Sri Lanka, an island country, is a perfect amalgamation of beauty and wildlife. With its majestic waves, sun-kissed beaches, hazy mountains and alluring fauna, it has emerged as a popular tourist destination. Be it strolling along the lapping waves at the waterfront, capturing exotic wildlife or indulging into adventure sports, travelling with Sri Lanka holiday packages is a great experience. Though the map of this country is dotted with mesmerising attractions, here is a list of top attractions that travellers simply love to explore.

Adams Peak

Adams Peak in Sri Lanka

Adams Peak in Sri Lanka

Adams Peak is a colossal mountain peak, which is nestled in the heart of Sri Lanka. It is a popular tourist attraction and owes its popularity to the Sri Pada or sacred footprint, which is around a 1.8 metre rock formation near the base. The formation holds importance in various cultures and is believed to be the footprint of Buddha, Shiva and that of Adam by Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam followers, respectively.


Considered sacred among the Buddhism followers, Anuradhapura used to be the ancient capital in this country. It is now famous for its ruins that talk of the ancient Lankan civilisation and its bygones. The ancient city can be explored in detail if toured with the help of Sri Lanka packages.


Sigiriya, which literally translates to the rock of lions, is a rock fortress and castle ruin located in the Matale District. It is enclosed by a wide complex of reservoirs, gardens, and other structures. Finding a sure spot in the checklist of Sri Lanka packages, it is a famous tourist destination and houses wall paintings, which are strikingly similar to those present in the Ajanta Caves.

Knuckles Mountain Range

The Knuckles Mountain Range lies in the central region of Sri Lanka. Its name of has been derived from the close resemblance to the knuckles of a clenched fist, which are formed by to reclining bends and peaks. Travellers can enjoy scenic views of the surrounding while spending quality time amidst nature.

Bundala National Park

Travellers, looking forward to book a trip with Sri Lanka holiday packages, are suggested to explore Bundala National Park, which is one of most important travel destinations, especially for birdwatchers. This national park has conserved the natural beauty of the country by protecting a specific area of coastal wetland, which is well known for its rich aquatic and bird life.

Tourists can mark these destinations in their Sri Lanka packages to witness wonders of nature.


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