4 Types of Holiday Packages in India

The tourism industry in India has prospered significantly in the past two decades. Through advertising and activations, people are becoming aware of travel destinations that can be explored at a pocket-friendly expenditure. Through the introduction of cheap holiday packages in India, vacations and excursions are not planned once in a year only. In fact, touring is not just limited to the purpose of leisure now. People travel for a laid-back getaway from routine life, business purposes and to enjoy thrilling adventurous activities. Various holiday packages are designed by travel portals to suit preferences of different travellers, and below is the list of the same.

Inclusive Package

When all travel components are bought, integrated and sold as a whole, that is what composes of an inclusive package. It includes all expenses at a group discount that makes it a cheap holiday package in India. All elements features in this package are advertised and sold with no exception to any of the customers.

Independent Package

Such packages in India are customised as per the requirements of the customer. The agents ask the customers about their requirements and make arrangements with vendors accordingly at the best available price. This primarily includes choices regarding airlines, hotels and transportation facilities. Owing to flexibility related to different constituents, the independent package is relatively expensive than inclusive packages.

Business Package

The nature of a business travel is very different from leisure travel. People go on business tours as a part of an incentive, a CSR activity, market research or conference. For this reason, there are some pre-requisites to a business package like accommodation, venues for business meetings/conferences, conference equipment, secretarial services and transportation. Sightseeing and excursions are added to make the package more effective.

Escorted Package

Also termed as hosted packages, these are the most common type of holiday package in India. In this, tour operator guides tourist right from the start to the end. Some operators rope in local guides when it comes to eminent locations of historical significance for inducing the flavours of authenticity.

There are various subtypes of tour packages that are broadly segregated into the above-mentioned categories. After recognising the nature of your travel, tourists can book cheap holiday packages in India with popular travel portals.


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