Exploring 2 Amazing Places in Rajasthan while on a Trip to India

Rajasthan is state in northern India that boasts of diverse attractions, ranging from natural vistas to rich flora and fauna, heritage sites to religious shrines and cultural sites to architectural marvels. Among the numerous fascinating holiday destinations in the country, choosing Rajasthan for a trip to India can be both royal and adventurous. Globetrotters can explore two must-see places in this princely land, and experience the royalty inherited in every iota of this place.


Rich in heritage, culture and architecture, Jaipur was established in 1727 by Jai Singh II – a ruler of the Amber kingdom. Abounding in architectural marvels, including glorious fortresses, grandeur palaces, quaint temples and impressive havelis, this place is a preferred tourist attraction. It used to serve as the capital of Kachwaha rulers; hence, features a number of royal buildings and palaces to offer.

This place is equally famed for popular festivals and fairs, and hosts some of the prominent events in the country including teej, gangaur, elephant, kite and Pushkar camel festival. The city draws thousands of tourists, who come on a trip to India during these festivals. This place is an epitome of liveliness and flamboyance that resonates in its charming bazaars filled with colourful turbans and bright ethnic attire, hand-dyed and embroidered textiles, beautiful jewellery and delectable local food.

Ranthambore National Park

This natural heritage site in Sawai Modhopur district is a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts. Sprawled over a varying and undulating area of around 392 square km, Ranthambore National Park is majorly famed for tiger spotting. It is counted as one of the best locations to spot the predator in its natural habitat.

Tiger is not the only draw of this enchanting park; many other rare species like leopard, caracal, owlets, langur, jackal, jungle cat, marsh crocodiles and wild boar can also be seen in this region. Located around 3.5 hours from Jaipur, the diverse landscape and photogenic ruins of the park capture the attention of renowned wildlife photographers.

Travellers can explore the above-mentioned attractions by booking cheap holidays to India on various online travel portals.


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