Witness 2 Cultural Attractions with Bhutan Cheap Holiday Packages

Booking Bhutan cheap holiday packages is a brilliant idea to explore this old kingdom – known for its captivating landscapes, rich Buddhist culture, impressive fortresses and vibrant festivals. Being one of the top ten biodiversity hot spots, the place often enthrals visitors with its natural beauty and cultural heritage marked by unique customs and deeply entrenched beliefs. Tourists can also get an insight into the lives of locals by interacting with nomad tribes, participating in various indigenous ceremonies and farmhouse visits.


Tsechus is a religious festival celebrated annually in various temples, monasteries and dzongs throughout the country. The event is held on the tenth day of the lunar calendar, which also corresponds with the birthday of Guru Rinpoche, a saint accredited to have brought Buddhism to Bhutan. In terms of participation and audience, two major festival sites in the country are Paro and Thimphu Tsechu. Cheap holiday packages allow tourists to be part of these grandeur events that attract thousands of devotees from all across the country.

Reflecting traditional Bhutanese culture and faith, these large social gatherings see locals performing traditional mask dances and socialise with others. Besides mask dances, various forms of local dances and other entertaining performances are also displayed here. The congregation of shopping stalls, selling handmade items, is also on offer during these celebrations.


Located in Bhutan and South Tibet, dzong is a massive fortress that surrounds a large complex of courtyards, temples, monk houses and administrative offices. At a 3-hour drive from the capital, Thimphu, Punakha Dzong is among the most impressive building in the country. Lying between the two magnificent rivers Pho Chu and Mo Chu, this old dzong is accessible from mainland through an arched wooden bridge. With Bhutan tour packages, visitors can see the relics of many monks and a large number of revered books. Besides pleasant climate, the place has soaring lilac coloured jacaranda trees grown around that make it more enchanting.

Bhutan tour packages are tailored to provide visitors a deeper insight into diverse culture and natural heritage of Nepal. They can also be customised to suit specific interests like cycling, village walks, Buddhists pilgrimage, birdwatching, rafting, photography and boutique tours.

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