3 Latest Trends in India Tours and Travels

The cultural and geographical diversity in India attracts thousands of travellers to this mystery land. From the snow-capped Himalayan Range to the desert of Rajasthan, and the cultural intensity of Varanasi to natural beauty of Kerala, this country offers something for everyone. The popularity of the country is increasing with every passing day as transportation facility as well as other travel related services improved significantly in the past few years. In addition to this, the emergence of online travel agencies has also introduced new trends in India tours and travels.

Now, any information regarding the travel is just a few clicks away. The research has become an integral part of the holiday planning. At the same time, tourism in India has also grown exponentially, leading to increased flexibility regarding choices. Here is a list of the latest trends observed in the tourism industry of the country.

The Advent of Hostels

There always have been options for low-budget hotels in India, but not innovative as hostels. It has been seen that a number of hostels are mushrooming at popular tourist destinations as the most convenient options for bagpackers. The popularity of Zostel and Moustache testify the same. This also shows the change in the mindset of people, who opt for India tours and travels.

The Growth of Boutique Hotels

Another interesting change seen in the tourism in India is emergence of boutique hotels to accommodate travellers. These are small hotels run by small entrepreneurs. Along with offering a well-maintained place to stay, the staff is always on their toe to serve their guests at such hotels. These are known for offering a more personal and engaging stay, instead of just a room for accommodation. Unlike hostels, they can be quite heavy on pockets, and mostly international travellers opt for it.

New Destinations

Gone are the days when only Taj Mahal was the most popular tourist attraction in India. Now, people look forward to explore new destinations. The run of Kutch, Darjeeling, Valleys of Kashmir and stunning Northeast, along with a number of other destinations are becoming a part of the checklist of people, who plan tourism in India.

Owing to the increasing popularity of the country, a number of new trends are expected to emerge in the coming future.


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