Enjoy 2 Water-based Adventures with Sri Lanka Tour Packages

Sharing maritime borders with India in the north-west and Maldives in the south-west, Sri Lanka is an island country in the southern part of the Asian continent. Blessed with exquisite beaches, rich wildlife and scenic surroundings, this pearl-shaped island has everything that fascinates vacationers. Thus, tourism in this island nation is gaining prominence with a great pace. So, this holiday season travellers can feast their eyes with the pristine natural beauty of this island nation by availing Sri Lanka tour packages.

With its rich treasures of dazzling beaches, this place has always topped the itineraries of vacationers who are planning for an unforgettable beach holidays. In addition to having leisure time along its pristine seafronts, visitors can also indulge in some of the water-based activities that are popular in this region. A number of Sri Lanka tour operators include some of these activities in their tour packages. Some of the most popular activities that tourists can indulge in during their visit to this region are listed below.


The water bodies surrounding this island whisper tales of the bygone eras, pirates, spice merchants and explorers. The untamed waters of the Indian Ocean with visibility of about 20 metres provide ideal conditions for diving. With shipwrecks dating back to the 18th century, exotic corals and deep reefs dotting all across the seas, the splashing waters of the Indian Ocean provide enthralling experience of diving deep into the sea in Sri Lanka.


With about 1300 km of the palm-fringed coastlines, the dazzling shores of this kingdom are the most idyllic during tropics. The coasts in the south and the beaches in the west are ideal for both professionals and recreational swimmers. For those who seek added adventure can opt for swimming in the southern coast of the Hikkaduwa. Travellers with their Sri Lanka tour packages can enjoy swimming in these splashing waters, which also give them a unique opportunity of enjoying rare sightings of leather-back and olive ridley sea turtles.

These 2 water-based adventure activities offer travellers a memorable experience of enjoying intimacy with the unique world that lies beneath the sea.


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