Exploring 3 Marvellous Historical Sites with Kerala Tour Packages

Thalassery Fort in Kerala

Thalassery Fort in Kerala

There are loads of historical sites that can be seen with Kerala tour packages to understand how the culture of the state has evolved over time. Three of the best such places to visit here are Dutch Palace, Thalassery Fort and Edakkal Caves. Dutch Palace is located in the city of Kochi, and it was founded by the Portuguese. It has a simple exterior, consisting of plain cream-coloured walls and a triangular brick roof. The four wings of the two-storey palace form a rectangle, and they are centred around a courtyard. Inside the building are royal bedrooms, dining hall, ceremony hall and assembly hall. Wall paintings inside the palace depict various Hindu deities and scenes from the Ramayana. Other things to see inside are umbrellas, costumes, palanquins, swords, spears and daggers.

Thalassery Fort

Another historical site to explore with Kerala holiday packages is the colonial fort in Thalassery. It was initially built by the East India Company as a warehouse to store spices like pepper and cardamom in 1638. The British renovated the structure in 1708 to allow them to control the Malabar Coast of India. Visitors climb a flight of stairs and enter the fortification complex through a door built into a mammoth stone wall. The buildings within the fortress have beautifully carved doors that are a highlight of the fort.  At the western part of the fort is a lighthouse, and the complex also has underground rooms that were used to store spices.

Edakkal Caves 

Exploring Edakkal Caves with Kerala tour packages is an excellent idea to learn about the local inhabitants from the Neolithic age. These are two naturally formed caverns in the Ambukuthi Hills in the Wayanad district of the state. Legends say that the caves were formed as a result of the arrows shot by Kush and Luv, the children of Lord Rama. The paintings found inside are of animals, humans and the household objects used by them. Studies suggest that the earliest sets of paintings could be from around 8000 BC.

These 3 sites are wonderful places to see with Kerala holiday packages to understand the local life from the prehistoric and colonial eras.


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