Visiting 3 Important Cities of India with a Golden Triangle Tour

A Golden Triangle tour allows visitors to travel to Jaipur, Delhi and Agra. These three cities are among the richest in terms of culture and places of interest. Many tour agencies take couples to these places so that they can learn about the diverse and vibrant cultures. Apart from visiting the famous attractions of these places, globetrotters can do loads of other things here like shopping and tasting local delicacies; however, it is important to know about other aspects of these cities. Described below are the details of the location, climatic and weather conditions, and accessibility of Jaipur, Delhi and Agra.


Jaipur is the capital of the state of Rajasthan. To come here on a Golden Triangle tour, people can book flights from major Indian destinations to the international airport, about 15 km from the city. The city railway station has numerous trains from and to different national cities. Jaipur experiences a semi-arid climate, which translates into high average summer temperature. As a result, winters become the ideal time to visit here owing to moderate day temperatures during the season.


Located in the north, Delhi is one of its two busiest air transit points along with Mumbai. Indira Gandhi International Airport can be reached from around the world with direct or connecting flights. The Indian capital has a unique weather pattern, which is governed by semi-arid and subtropical climates. Honeymoon tour packages to the metropolis should be picked for the time between February and April, and between October and December.


The third corner of the golden triangle, Agra, is located in the eastern part of the Uttar Pradesh state. Road and rail are the two most popular ways to reach this culturally rich city, which contains one of the most famous tourist attractions, the Taj Mahal. Yamuna Expressway, which was inaugurated in 2002, has brought Agra a lot closer to Delhi than it was before. Taj Express, originating from Hazrat Nizamuddin Junction in the national capital ferries tourists to the city. Newlyweds can come here with honeymoon tour packages in the post-monsoon and winter seasons for a memorable time.

The three corners of the Golden Triangle of India can be reached easily from all parts of the country by air, road and rail.


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