Enjoying 3 Highly Adventurous Activities with North India Tour Packages

Visitors can avail North India tour packages to explore the various aspects of the region like natural beauty, culture, religious diversity and cuisine. Courtesy its variation in topography, the region also provides countless opportunities to indulge in adventure sports. With tour packages to India, 3 good high-thrill engagements to enjoy in the northern part of the country are trekking, rafting and wildlife spotting.


A large part of the above-mentioned region contains the Himalayas, and trekking is the best way to explore their beauty and the human cultures that thrive here. There are hordes of North India tour packages that include or are centred-around hiking in the mountains. Participants can trek to pristine glacial lakes and spellbinding valleys or they can conquer high peaks. Such expeditions vary in length and difficulty level; hence people can easily pick from among the many options available.


Opting for tour packages to India to indulge in thrilling white water rafting is another great way to enjoy in this part of the country. The state of Uttarakhand is the foremost destination to throng for taking part in the sport. There are loads of rivers, which rise in the Himalayas, and flow through the state. The most popular stretch for rafting is on the Ganga River between Kaudiyala and Rishikesh. Most tour operators hire trained professionals to introduce participants to the activity, and to accompany them during it. The majority of the rapids on the rivers of Uttarakhand are classified as Grades III and IV, meaning that the downstream journeys will be full of challenges and excitement.

Wildlife Spotting

The rich animal life of the region is yet another aspect that makes North India tour packages attractive to globetrotters. From deciduous forests in the plains to the velvety alpine meadows high up in the mountains, animal lovers can tread anywhere. Each type of forest shelters some distinct kinds of animals and plants that make such excursions amazing. If tourists travel to the Himalayas, then they may get to see snow leopards, bearded vultures, yak, Himalayan brown and black bears, and wolves. The subtropical forests of the plains provide refuge to animals like tigers, elephants, leopards and numerous species of deer.

These 3 adventure activities in the northern part of India are sure to increase the excitement of holidaying in India.

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