Enjoy Thrill of 3 Adventure Sports during a Nepal Tour

Mountain Biking in Nepal

Mountain Biking in Nepal

Bordered by India from east, west and south, and by China from the north, Nepal is a landlocked country in the South Asia. Housing eight of the 10 highest mountain peaks of the world, this place has a perfect topography for enjoying adrenaline-rushing sports. During their Nepal tour, travellers can also visit the Sagarmatha Peak, which is the highest mountain range of the region. Whether it is about off-road adventures in the Himalayas or just a spiritual tour to holy places, Nepal always finds a place in the itinerary of both thrill lovers and peace seekers.

Some of the most thrilling adventures that travellers can enjoy with Nepal tour packages are listed below.

Mountain Biking

Comprising a series of downhill and uphill trails, this Himalayan land assures travellers a unique experience of mountain biking. Taking travellers through the tremendous trails, diverse landscape and rural tracks, this activity is one of the best ways to encounter the hidden paradises of the country. With plenty of thrilling trails spanning all across the region, this place is a paradise for enjoying the adrenaline rush for mountain biking.


When it comes to adventures in water, nothing can be better than this region with large rivers, beautiful gorges and lush greenery located here. Most of the rivers that are ideal for rafting here are concentrated in central, eastern and western parts. Of all, Sunkoshi and Trishuli Rivers are the prominent sites for rafting. In addition to these, there are several other grades of rapids that travellers can choose from with their Nepal tour packages.


Abundant in thrilling treks, Nepal is a paradise for trekkers. Pokhara, a scenic landscape in the Annapurna Ranges of the country, is one of the most popular places for paragliding in the world. Flying over the beautiful Fewa Lake and the magnificent Himalayas, is truly an inexplicable experience that can be relished during a Nepal tour.

All these 3 adventures are sure to spice up an exciting trip to this place. Nepal, with its full range of thrilling activities and sightseeing attractions, promises vacationers a complete fun-filled holiday.


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