Visit 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites during Sri Lanka Holidays

Sharing maritime borders with Maldives in the southwest and India in the northwest, Sri Lanka is an island country in South Asia. With its pristine beaches, diverse wildlife and rich cultural heritage, this country attracts travellers from all across the globe. Owing to its breathtaking physical diversity, this pearl-shaped island has always fascinated visitors to come on Sri Lanka holidays. Blessed with enticing beaches, this nation has always been the most preferred destination for beach holidays. Apart from relaxing on its exotic seafronts, travellers can also peep into its rich history by visiting its heritage sites.

This nation is also noted for its eight places, which are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Some of these sites that visitors can visit by availing cheap Sri Lanka holidays deals are listed below.

Sinharaja Forest Reserve

Located in the south-west region of Sri Lanka, this reserve is the last viable tropical rainforest of the country. Nearly 60 per cent of the trees found in this region are declared as endemic and many of them are even considered rare. This reserve also provides shelter to about 50 per cent of the endemic species of butterflies and mammals.

Dutch Fort of Galle

Founded by Portuguese in the 16th century, this fortress is the best example of a fort city built by Europeans in the Southeast and South Asia. Presenting the unique fusion of South Asian traditional and European architectural styles, this fortified city sets an outstanding example of urban architecture. Thus, this World Heritage Site is worth visiting during Sri Lanka Holidays.


Built during the reign of King Kassapa I, this ancient city of Sri Lanka is the only witness of the Ceylon civilisation. Located in the heart of the Ceylon, the ruins of this ancient city lie on the steep slopes of the granite peak, which stands at a height of about 180 m. A series of staircases and galleries through the mouth of gigantic plastered lion provide access to this site.

A vacation in this nation is must to have a glimpse of these 3 most renowned places of the world. Cheap Sri Lanka holidays deals give vacationers an amazing opportunity to have an enjoyable time at these places.


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