Celebrating 4 Festivals of Rajasthan during Holiday to India

Rajasthan located in the north-western part of India is famous for its royal palaces, rich history and cultural heritage. To explore these facets of this state, many globetrotters come here year after year. Another aspect of Rajasthan that draws international tourists is the grand festivals that are celebrated with great fervour and fanfare. On a holiday to India and especially Rajasthan, taking part in these wonderful celebrations can be a memorable experience. Some of the most famous ones are Gangaur Festival, Desert Festival, Pushkar Fair and Camel Festival.

Gangaur Festival

Celebrated in the month of April in the entire state, this occasion is held to honour Goddess Gauri, a manifestation of Goddess Parvati. It is a women-oriented event that marks colourful processions of bejewelled idols of the deity, across villages and cities. During this occasion, women wear colourful clothes and accessories.

Desert Festival

Held in the city of Jaisalmer in January or February annually, this event is marked by camel races and cultural performances including folk music, dance shows and turban tying competitions. This three-day long celebration attracts a number of visitors from far and wide, who come for Holiday India vacation trips.

Pushkar Fair

Celebrated at Mehrangarh Fort in Pushkar during the month of October or November, this fair is about cattle and camel trading, camel races and a number of cultural events including folk dance and music. Traditional food fare and colourful village shops are also highlights of this fair, which is attended by thousands on Holiday India tours.

Camel Festival

Held in the city of Bikaner in the month of December or January, this event is about camels as the name suggests. During this event, camel dances, races and processions are a common sight. A camel pageant competition also takes place on the first day and the ones that are decorated the best win prizes.

On a holiday to India with their family and friends, travellers can take part in these 4 festivals to know more about the culture of this multi-faceted nation. Besides these events, tourists can also learn about its traditions and history.


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