Explore 4 Aspects of Kolkata with Travel Packages in India

Kolkata, located in the eastern part of India, is considered as the cultural hub of the nation. Fondly referred to as City of Joy, it is the capital of the state of West Bengal. With various travel packages in India deals, travellers can come to this vibrant city and explore its various attractions that have been popular among tourists from many years. Being one of the major centres of trade and commerce during the British rule, the city played a significant role in the Indian freedom movement. Visitors can still witness the charm of the British era by witnessing old buildings, which are made up of red bricks and the trams, just like London. People in this region have a great love for art and creativity, which can be seen the theatres and museums located here. To travel to this part of the world, international tourists can get in touch with any India travel agency that can offer a comprehensive tour of this amazing place.

Bengali Cuisine

On a tour to this place, one thing that tourists should definitely try out is the Bengali cuisine. Mouth-watering traditional foods and delicious fish items of West Bengal are popular all over the world. Chowringhee and Park Street are the two ultimate destinations for every food lover visiting the city. The state also celebrates the festival of Ilish Machh or Hilsa fish, every year during the rainy season. The place never disappoints people who are sweet lovers with its scrumptious Rosogallas, Sandes and Misti Doi. Some of the top Bengali restaurants in the city are Bhojohori Manna and Sholo Aana Bengali, which are famous for serving proper Bengali style meal, popularly called as Bhoj. Travellers must also try eating Phuchkas, which is one of the best street food items in this part of the country.

Princep Ghat

Travellers looking for some serene and calm place in this vibrant city can choose for a boat ride under Vidyasagar Setu at Princep Ghat. Dim lighting, cool breeze, roaring sounds of the Hoogly River and a boat ride is an enchanting experience worth trying. Named after James Princep, and constructed in the year 1841, the place is an ideal destination for a romantic getaway.


An important part of the tradition and heritage of Kolkata is tram, and a ride on it should be in the list of activities to do here with any travel packages in India deals. Started in the year 1902, it is considered to be the oldest electric tram across Asia. The tram route connects the major part of Kolkata; from Esplanade Tram Terminus and crosses places like BBD Bagh, Chitpur Road and College Street, finally heads backing to the same terminus. Travellers may find it unusual as almost no kind of renovations has been done on these trams in order to maintain its original charm.

Durga Puja

A trip Kolkata is incomplete without witnessing the grand and vibrant festival of Durga Puja, which is celebrated in the month of September or October. It is believed to be the biggest social event in the entire state. People worship Goddess Durga on this occasion and innumerable cultural programs are organised, to make it more enjoyable for people. Majestically built Puja Pandals are also one of the major attractions of this carnival-like event that lasts for at least 10 days. Two months before this festive period, people start their shopping in order to look their best during the celebrations.

Travellers planning to come to Kolkata with any travel packages in India options will fall in love with these 4 aspects of this wonderful place.


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