2 National Parks to Explore during Holidays to Sri Lanka



Officially known as the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, the country is land of several popular sightseeing destinations. Located in the south-eastern side of Indian subcontinent and surrounded by water from all the four sides, the country is recognised as an island nation. In order to protect the varied species of flora and fauna, the national government here has built many wildlife establishments, which are worth visiting during holidays to Sri Lanka. The nation is also known for its religious sites like temples and monasteries, which are thronged by devotees in large numbers. Home to two most important monsoon winds, which flows diagonally across the nation, the place is well-known for its pleasant climate as well.


Sri Lanka tours usually include a visit to the second-largest national park in the whole nation – Yala, which is divided into five different blocks. Among all these five blocks, only two are open to public. Situated on south-eastern region of the nation, it covers an area of 979 square kilometres. The place is mostly famous for wild animals, especially elephants, leopards and aquatic birds. The irony of this protected region is that during earlier times, this land was used by the British as a hunting ground, but now it aims at preserving more and more wild animals every year.


Wilpattu means natural lakes in English. As the name suggests, the area is famous for enchanting water basins as more than 60 beautiful lakes are located within the boundaries of this park. It is believed that it is one of the largest and oldest wildlife establishments of Asia and covers an area of almost 131693 hectares of land. It is a world renowned park, housing fierce leopards and 31 species of mammals. While planning holidays to Sri Lanka, Wilpattu is one of the most popular destinations that people should not miss visiting.

During Sri Lanka tours, travellers must definitely visit these 2 national parks and other such attractions as well to learn and witness the flora and fauna variety of this wonderful nation.


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