Travel on 2 Mountain Railway Lines during Holidays in India

Nilgiri Hill Stations

Nilgiri Hill Stations

Travellers should not miss the chance to witness the uniqueness of mountain railways, when they are planning holidays in India. These railway lines were constructed amidst hilly ranges, in the early years of the 19th and 20th centuries. All these lines are spectacular examples of extraordinary engineering, which helped trains to run frequently through the rugged hilly ranges. In India, there are basically three mountain railways, which have been recognised by UNESCO as the World Heritage Sites. Two of them are in the hill stations of Darjeeling and Nilgiri.


Being one of the first mountain railway lines in the country, Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is an outstanding work of engineering. Started in the year 1881, this rail track has established a perfect link between the hilly mountainous ranges. The highest point reached by it is the station of Ghoom, which is situated at the height of 7407 feet above sea level. Although most of the steam engines have now been replaced by electric engines, Darjeeling rail lines have maintained their unique charm. To enjoy the train journey across the foot hills of the Himalayan ranges, a trip to this place is a must during India tours.


Established by the British in the year 1908, the Nilgiri Mountain Railways is enlisted by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. It covers a distance of almost 46 km and takes approximately 5 hours to complete the journey. Travellers will get an enthralling experience during their holidays in India by travelling at the height of 1069 feet to 7228 feet, with this train. Expert says that this railway line is the steepest one in the entire country. The most adventurous part of the journey comes, when the train travels through 9 dark tunnels at a height of almost 4000 feet. The journey also includes travelling through 250 over bridges. Travelling through the Nilgiri Railway lines is one of the main attractions, when people are planning to spend holidays in India, especially in the southern part of the nation.

Going on a trip to these 2 mountainous railways can be a lifetime experience for visitors as they are the masterpieces of engineering.


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