Explore the Wonders of Nature with Wonderful Bhutan Tour Packages

Paro in Bhutan

Paro in Bhutan

Bhutan, a landlocked country, is a paradise for tourists from across the globe. Its picturesque natural spots, trekking destinations and well-preserved culture attract travel enthusiasts, from across countries, every year. This place is often referred as the Land of the Thunder Dragon and its national flag also bears a picture of powerful dragon also. Prior to 1960s, this place comprising snow-capped peaks, lush green forest, vast meadows and exotic ravines, was kept in alienation from the rest of the world. However later, the king made vital changes regarding the tourism policy of the nation in order to raise revenue and promote its unique culture. A number of wonderful Bhutan tour packages on offer by various travel portals allow tourists to explore lesser visited attractions of this country. People planning a getaway in this beautiful country from India can go through these points for a hassle-free trip.

Getting a Visa

Tourism is a recent phenomenon in Bhutan and its government keeps a close check on the rules and regulations. Indian travellers are allowed to enter in the Land of Thunder Dragon on their passports only, but other tourists require a visa to visit this place. It is issued by the officials in the country and is valid for two weeks. Tourists are suggested to make their arrangements at least 90 days before their planned journey date. Most Bhutan tour packages include these services as arranging them individually can be a hectic process.

Travel Bhutan from India

A direct flight is operated from Delhi to Paro by Druk Air – the national carrier of Bhutan. Apart from this, people can also book their tickets from Kolkata and Gaya airports. As Druk Air is the only airline that offers services between India cities and Paro, seats are not available during peak tourist seasons and hence, advance booking of wonderful Bhutan tour packages is suggested. Travellers can also opt for the 5-hour drive from Bagdodra airport to reach Phuentsholing – a town in the south of Bhutan. They can travel Bhutan from India quite conveniently as a number of tour operators and travel portals offer attractive packages to explore this place.


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