Relaxing with Kerala and Ananda Ayurvedic Tours

Tours to Kerala Ayurveda

Tours to Kerala Ayurveda

Ayurveda is among the oldest sciences, relating to medicine, health and well-being. Its origin is generally attributed to the Indian Vedic literature that traces its dating to before 1500 BC. This science covers topics, such as general medicine, paediatrics, pathology, anatomy, therapy, pharmaceutics, toxicology, diagnosis, causes of ailments, embryology, venesection, childbirth, poisons and anti-ageing along with general and plastic surgery. Massages and application of herbal oils are also included in Ayurveda and this aspect has become popular among those who come to India from overseas. Nowadays, Kerala is counted among the preferred places to get this kind of a treatment as the state has numerous spas and resorts and many of them have beautiful locations. To experience its soothing power, people may pick Kerala Ayurveda tour packages, which are readily available on the internet with different travel agencies.


The other state that is on par with Kerala when it comes to Ayurvedic tourism is Uttarakhand. Known as Deva Bhumi or Land of the Gods, this North Indian state also has many ashrams and institutes, relating to this ancient health and well-being practice. It is renowned for its pristine surroundings, high mountains, beautiful valleys and clean air at relatively higher altitudes. For millennia, the region has been the retreat of sages, who according to the Hindu religious texts, would come here to meditate and practice yoga. Among the largest and most famous Ayurvedic establishments in this state is Ananda Spa, located in Narendra Nagar.

The Ananda Experience

Travellers can browse the internet and look for Ananda Ayurvedic tours to come here and enjoy all that this amazing spa and resort has to offer. The institution offers accommodation in rooms, a variety of suites and separate villas for maximum comfort and privacy. Amenities like TV, Wi-Fi, phone, air-conditioning, mini-bar, electronic safes and hairdryers are provided to every guest. The on-site 24000 square feet spa combines traditional Indian practices with contemporary European approach. Consultations, treatments, meditation and yoga sessions, beauty treatments, massages, crystal therapies, oil treatments and hydrotherapy are available at Ananda. Apart from these, guests can also use the gym, sauna, swimming pool and play billiards and golf. Hiking and nature walks in the nearby foothills and white water rafting can also be arranged on request by the staff.


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