Jaunt to Pemayangtse Monastery with Majestic Himalayas Tour Packages



The Himalayas are among the most beautiful landforms in the world and in the recent past, tourist activities here have increased. They stretch from Jammu and Kashmir in India all the way to Bhutan in the Far East. Within the mountain range, there are a plentiful of rivers, beautiful valleys, raging glaciers, national parks, lakes and hill stations. Over the years, different people have settled in this region after migrating from nearby lands and made it a cultural hotspot. Among the inhabitants of the range, those who follow Buddhism have greatly shaped its culture. Leh, Lahaul and Spiti valley and Sikkim are important Buddhist regions here. As a result of the prominence of various religious faiths, there are numerous temples, stupas and monasteries over here. A monastery that can be visited during majestic Himalayas tour packages is Pemayangtse Monastery in Sikkim.

The Site

This magnificent site was built in 1705 by a Lama, named Lhatsun Chenpo, making it one of the oldest in the state. It is affiliated with the Nyingma sub-sect of the Himalayan or Tibetan division of Vajrayana or Tantric Buddhism. The institution is situated at a rough altitude of 2085 metres, and it is surrounded by permanently snow-covered mountains. The main temple at the site is a two-storey square-shaped building, painted in red and white colours. At its main entrance are red wooden pillars and the parts, which connect them to the roof, are decorated with beautiful designs and floral patterns.

Atop the pillars is a horizontal rectangular band of golden colour that is covered by images of Buddhist deities. All the windows, window-shades and the triangular roof of this religious place are gilded. The building measures around 140 metre square in area, and it houses many interesting objects. A giant statue of Padmasambhava, who is also known as Guru Rinpoche, who was instrumental in the spreading of Buddhism in Tibet, is worth seeing here. He is depicted in his wrathful form with numerous arms and heads. Lots of religious scriptures, sculptures and decorative paintings are also kept in the prayer hall. If travellers come here on their Himalayan mountains tour, they will also see an amazing painting, showing the seven-storey palace of Padmasambhava.


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