Paying a Visit to Dakshina Kali Temple during Nepal Holidays

Dakshina Kali Temple in Nepal

Dakshina Kali Temple in Nepal

The birth place of Shakyamuni, Nepal is a revered destination for spirituality seekers. It is a paradise for adventure lovers as eight out of the ten highest mountain peaks lie here along with a number of smaller ones. However, there are many other attractions here as well, including historical sites and temples. Travellers can book Nepal holiday tour packages, which include all aspects of the country. One of the popular temples of the nation is Dakshina Kali Temple, lying in the Kathmandu Valley. It is dedicated to Goddess Kali – one of the incarnations of Durga, who is the supreme Hindu goddess.

About the Temple

It lies amidst the scenic beauty of the valleys, and is popular among Hindus. As per mythological references, Kali is one of the most powerful and accomplished deities, and the most furious one at the same time. Praying rituals include sacrifice of goats on every Saturday and Tuesday, followed by a bloodbath of the idol. The Dashain festival is quite popular in the region and hundreds of people come together to celebrate it. The idol is painted in black and has protruding eyes and red tongue. It is ornamented with a necklace made of skulls.

This shrine was constructed by a Malla king in the 14th century, and it is said that the goddess herself commanded the construction of this establishment. It is located at a distance of around 22 kilometres from Kathmandu Valley and just one kilometre from Pharping – a local village). As per tell a tales, she appeared in the dream of the king, and asked him to build a temple at a strange location, dedicated to her. He immediately ordered his men to find the place and start the construction, and one of the locals said that he saw a stone image of the deity at the current location of the shrine. It was the same place as the king was described in the dream; hence he started the construction work as per guidelines. The idol was embellished with a canopy featuring serpents (gilded in gold), as instructed by the goddess. In addition to this, images of Lord Ganesha, Bhairava and Ashta Matrikas can also be seen at this shrine. Most people pay homage at this shrine during their Nepal holidays.


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