River Rafting – Make the Most of Adventure during Holidays in Nepal

Holidays in Nepal are incomplete without engaging yourselves in some entertaining adventure activities. This mesmeric nation is nestled in the lap of the gigantic Himalayas and thus, providing ideal grounds for a host of adventure sports. Tourists coming to this location can take part in these activities, which are sure to be a sensational experience. Apart from a range of mountains and undulated slopes, the region is also abundant with a number of rivers. The most common adventure activities that people partake while on a vacation to this place are mountaineering, skiing, rock climbing, rafting, kayaking, trekking and mountain biking. Several local and international organisers arrange the same. Tourists who want to opt for an adrenaline-rushing activity during a vacation to this country can contact local or international tour organisers.

Ideal Locations in Nepal

Replete with a number of high wave rivers and basins resulting from the Himalayan glaciers, this nation provides umpteen opportunities for rafting, paddling and oaring. People can have a thrilling rafting experience at this place, which is surrounded by warm waters and unique scenery. A number of packages are available, providing professional trainers to guide people on their preparations and safety during the sport. In paddling, people need to participate together while in an oar boat, only a guide rows letting the participants have a chance to enjoy the landscapes. Participants are advised to pay attention while they get instructed on their safety and uncertain situations. Precautionary tools like life vests and helmets must also be carried.

The most suitable time for this adventure sport in this nation ranges from October to mid-December and March to early May. For some selected rivers, the government has also opened sections to facilitate commercial rafting. Major destinations for this sport in Western Nepal are Marshyangdi, Seti and Kaligandaki River. In Central part, travellers can opt for Bhotekoshi River and Trishuli River. Water sports in scenic locations of this country is sure to be a sensational experience, especially for those looking for a break from monotonous daily life. Hence, these are a well-suited option to add in your tours in Nepal.


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