India Holiday Packages: Safari Trip to Kaziranga

India is a huge nation covering a plethora of beautiful and picturesque locations ranging from rural areas to metropolitan destinations. India holiday packages offer splendid options for people who wish to have an memorable vacation. Located in the beautiful North-eastern part of India, Assam is a small state, full of natural beauty and serenity. Rich flora, enticing landscapes and tea gardens characterise Assam at umpteen levels. Assam houses a rich biodiversity, which has given way to the habituation of several species of mammals and birds. Travellers coming to Assam can visit the famous Kaziranga National Park to experience the rich biodiversity and enjoy a delightful safari here.

Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park is situated in Kaziranga, between two sub-divisional districts of Assam and is spread over large floodplains of Brahmaputra River. This site was initially established as a reserve but later gained the status of a World Heritage Site in 1985. It breeds multiple species of mammals including a population of Indian One-Horned Rhinoceros, which is the largest in the world. Other notable animals found here are those of elephants, tigers, Swamp Deer and Wild Buffalo. Leopards, fishing cats, Indian Civets, barking deer, Hog Badger, Assamese Macaque, sloth bear, Gangetic dolphin and otter are some other prominent species present here.

The place also comprises a huge diversity of avian population. It is home of birds like pelicans and Rose-Ringed Parakeets, serpent eagles and bar-headed geese. Landscape within the park consists of lush vegetation including savannah grasslands, deciduous forests and several water bodies. Diphlu and Mora Dhansiri are two major rivers on the location. This results in aquatic diversity of this place that breeds many types of fishes and aquatic birds. The park is well-connected to all nearby major towns like Guwahati and Nagaon and Nearest Airport is Rowraiah (Jorhat). Many major travel portals provide such all inclusive holiday packages, which make sure that vacationers have a trip to remember for a lifetime.


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