Nepal Holiday Tour Packages: Capturing the Beauty of Ilam

Pashupatinath Temple

Pashupatinath Temple

Nepal lies amidst the Himalayan mountain peaks and its landscape features eight tallest peaks of the world, making it a popular destination among trekkers and adventure lovers. At the same time, it is also the centre for spirituality seekers and people who love to admire scenic beauty. From Shangri La, Pashupatinath Temple to Sarangnath, Nepal holiday tour packages usually feature each and every wonderful aspect of the country. Travellers planning to visit this country in the near future can add Ilam in their list of places to visit. It is a municipality lying in the hilly regions of Mechi Zone, commonly known, as the Mahabharata range. This place has been named as the tea town because of its widespread scenic, green gardens.


It is a peaceful district in the far east of the country and one of the best spots for trekking. Travellers can trek Sandakpur – the highest point of the district – to behold the picturesque beauty of Mount Kanchenjunga. Most people come all the way up to capture the stunning sunrise and sunset views in their cameras. Another destination that should not be missed while in this district is Maipokhari, a few kilometres from Ilam Bazaar. It is a star-shaped lake surrounded by lush green forest. Apart from being a natural spot, it also has a religious significance. Devotees come to visit this place during Kartik Ekadashi, and a huge fare is arranged on Thulo Ekadashi every year.

Just a few minutes from this lake is located the Chhintapu peak that separates Singlila and Mahabharata Ranges. Beautiful rhododendron forests with green flowers and green leaves, with a backdrop of mountain peaks looks stunning over here. There are more than 10 types of rhododendron species in this area along with many medicinal plants. Rare animals like musk deer and red panda can also be seen during this four-hour trek. During leisure time, tourists can play basketball or soccer or try their hand at fishing. Travellers can consider coming to Nepal while selecting international holiday packages because of its biodiversity and natural beauty.


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